How To Catch A Man

I was resting between sets on my favorite leg press machine when a small cadre of women walked by, chatting happily about this and that.  A second after they passed in front of me I caught the terribly pungent smell of flowery perfume.  It was so strong I could practically taste it.  I wrinkled my nose, held my breath for a minute until the stench dissipated and did my next set.

 I wondered why some women wear perfume to the gym.  Personally, I like the smell of clean…soap and water, shampoo, maybe lotion but the horrible high notes of most perfume makes my nose itch and usually gives me a headache.  I suppose the offending parties were trying to be attractive, most likely to the guys in The Pit (the serious lifting area). Since they virtually never wander in there perhaps they surmised that their scent had to be strong enough to penetrate the wall.  The thought made me laugh.  I’m fairly certain a man either likes you or he doesn’t.  I doubt that any kind of perfume could tip the scale in your favor.

You know what I think?  If a woman is dead set on catching one of those guys she should wear a scent that might actually be attractive to him.  Maybe bacon or leather.  Scotch or new car might work.  How about smoked brisket or campfire?  Calzones?  Bet I’m right!  Maybe I should start my own line of man-attracting scents.  Goodness knows, they couldn’t possibly be worse that rotting lilies or a bunch of half-dead roses!


7 responses

  1. Just say no to make-up and perfume in the gym! Matter of fact, unless it is iron and music, I want nothing to do with it! There are many more appropriate places to try and “find a man”. While we are on that subject, dudes who just stand around and pose trying to be all sexy, get get the hell off my bench and let me throw done weight around!

    1. How about those guys who talk on the phone while taking up time on a certain machine? Horrible!

  2. So I looked your site up and read this post about the woman in your gym w the perfume…. It had me rolling… I won’t lie If I smelled bacon or any of those smells I would go find the source ! 🙂 well said! Lol have a great day !

    1. Delighted you came to check out the blog. It’s something new for the new year. I’ll stay at but I’m hoping they tweak it a little. I liked the public comments and they made the pictures so small. Don’t know why since bodybuilding is by nature visual. My comments there have trouble loading…takes 5 minutes to answer one note. Eek! Now I have another venue for expression. Did someone say bacon? Why am I suddenly hungry?!?

  3. LOL! But so very true.

    1. Yum…bacon! That’s a scent I love too!

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