New Year, New Resolutions

  1. Stay within 2lbs of my ideal weight (which at this point is 112lbs) unless it’s clear that the added weight is muscle and not fluff….that’s my nice way of saying fat!  To be honest, this isn’t really a new resolution.  I have this as a goal every year…and I stick to it!
  2. Train for and complete at least one 5k race during the year and place in the top 10 in my bracket.  I actually despise running but it’s a good crosstraining activity and will help keep my cardio capability on the acceptable side.
  3. Create my own website devoted to fitness/musclebuilding.
  4. Learn Spanish…what does this have to do with fitness?  It’s bodybuilding for the brain.  Always good to keep sharp!
  5. Give Zumba another try on my XBOX Kinect.  Really the XBOX belongs to the boys but Santa put a Zumba dance thingie in my stocking so I gave it a go.  Geez…that little woman starts off slow and then goes crazy…not sure my body is actually hinged like that!  I promise to try one more time (good thing I have all year)! 

2 responses

  1. I really like your resolutions Lynn! Some match my own “decisions”. I’ll be stopping in often to check on you! Sorry tho- I’m probably the only person in America NOT on facebook! Lol

  2. Really balanced, ambitious goals, Lynn! Some are also on my “decision” list. Really love your page, and I won’t be a stranger. Sorry tho- I’m probably the onle person in America NOT on Facebook! Lol

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