A Throwback Photo For My FAVORITE Pilot



11 responses

  1. Love that pic! What moves do you do to shred your legs?

  2. Always loved that pic, Lynn. Do you do any particular moves to get you legs so shredded?

    1. I had a Marine tell me to man up and start doing REAL squats. Lol…I listened and voila! It really helped a lot. I used to lots of lunges but they didn’t have the same effect. My legs are stubborn…

  3. Beautiful site, Lynn! Any particular moves you do to shred your legs like that?

  4. YES!!! There it is!!! THANKS!! That is AWESOME!!!

  5. Hey doc..the human made it.
    keep it rockin..i like your site here with you killer pics. They inspire me.

    1. Yay! glad you like it. I like having my pictures big enough to see them!

  6. Such a cutie…inside and out

    1. Thank you!! Wishing you a wonderful day…

      1. Thanks and you have a wonderful day and train hard like you always do 🙂

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