Side Comment #1

This morning after presenting him with hot scrambled eggs, a slice of apple, wheat toast and milk, I spent a full half hour trying to convince my 8 year old son that Fruit Loops are not “part of a balanced breakfast.”  Thank you Kellogg’s marketing department….


6 responses

  1. My 6 year old grandson and I had a real heart-to-heart this morning about donuts NOT BEING A MAJOR FOOD GROUP! lOL

    1. My poor baby says that EVERYTHING that tastes good is bad for you. He likes donuts too..

  2. LOL…breakast of champs…didn’t know you have an 8 year old son…a fit that is a blessing….I am sure his friends are thinking you are his young sister.

    1. That incident reminded me of the time when my son (who’s 14 now) was very young and told me he didn’t want my fish for dinner, he wanted the kind that “comes in the blue box.” Oh dear….

  3. What!!!!???? Kellogg’s is not part of a balanced breakfast? Dang you lying TV…

    1. Yeah..they did a number on him. You should have heard the protests because “They said it was good for you.” His argument didn’t fly so he switched to “but EVERYBODY else gets to have Fruit Loops.” Poor little thing…

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