Airborne Jumpmaster

Click on the link below for a funny video…


10 responses

  1. You are Gorgeous.. What a Beautiful Smile…

    1. Thank you…a lovely comment to brighten up a cold, grey day!! Sure appreciate it!

  2. Good morning Lynn, the other site just isn’t cutting it anymore more me. I hope that you and the boys have a wonderful day. I tryed leaving you a pict comment, but 10 tries to type a single sentence is a bit over board. I’m glad we can still stay in touch. Be Blessed dear friend.

    1. They did make a few changes that I was happy to see. They put our comments back on the front page along with the bio information but I know what you mean. I still can’t add friends, it takes me forever just to respond to a comment, the pictures are so small I have to squint to see them…ick! Don’t know who’s bright idea it was to change it in the first place! Hope you have an excellent day too. It’s cold outside today but very bright blue and beautiful….

  3. Can you get anymore beautiful…..OMG not only do I need warm milk but a couple of hypertension pills too! Come rescue me doc 🙂

    1. You make me laugh! Thanks…a nice moment in my morning…

  4. You are killing me with your pics!!!!

    1. That’s a good thing, I think…smile…Sure hope you’re having a good day…glad you came to see me here!

  5. How creative, very entertaining. That was a cardio workout! Thanks for sharing my friend.

    1. Something that made me smile when I saw it..

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