Orange Death

See this nice meal I prepared for my family last night?  Baked, homemade chicken nuggets, green beans, salad and mashed sweet potatoes.  I got the idea for the sweet potatoes from a friend at the gym.  He is an excellent chef and often gives me great ideas for new, healthy and tasty  things to add to my normal dinner rotation…just to keep it fresh.  Do you think I got the thanks that I so richly deserved for presenting my family with this fantastic meal? 

As soon as I set the plates down on the table I was met with a chorus of  “What’s that orange stuff?”  This was accompanied by my oldest son dragging his fork through the pile and declaring that “It looks like some kind of spackle or wallpaper paste.”    I patiently explained that they were mashed sweet potatoes, that they were lucky to have a nutritious meal land in front of them every night and that  it wasn’t at all horrible to have to eat sweet potatoes if it wasn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas day.  

They did eat them…finally…with a bit of grumbling…Something about baby food and orange death.  Hmmmm…think I should tell them that I’m making broccoli soup as part of their dinner tonight?  That’s right.  It’s Green Death Thursday!


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  1. LOL at that age I could definitely relate to them. Now that I am older it sounds mouth watering delicious. Don’t worry when they get older they will look back and appreciate it.

    1. Right now they think they’re the only children in the WORLD who have to eat reasonable healthy meals! Poor babies….

  2. LOL! To me this meal is totally awesome However to your children this meal is traumatic! WTH where is the burger and fries for crying out loud! This is off season, right…lol. I think you would get a better reaction making a milshake and slipping a scoop of protein powder in it 🙂 Seriously you are doing a great job HealthChef 🙂 They may not appreciate your efforts now but they will later…no doubt. Hey do they like warm milk…LOL 🙂

    1. They DO love milk but they like it cold…they’ll behave for a whole 3 hours for some nice hot chocolate…no hydrogenated oil in the mix of course! Lol..

  3. My kind of meal of healthy, colorful meal. 🙂

    1. Yay…see…you appreciate a good meal! Poor kids think I’m out to get them…

  4. Looks like you not only look great, but can cook a very healthy meal. Hope all is well. Stay healthy and encouraged. 🙂

    1. Thank you! At least YOU appreciate my efforts. Lol…

  5. I hope “green death Thursday” was a big hit! I’m off today and going on a field trip with my Sin’s class…I’m stoked! Talk to you later!

    1. My children are convinced I’m trying to poison them…

  6. Well….you know boy’s will be boy’s. Got to admit I’ve never heard it called orange death before.(Too Funny) I mean have they no respect for all your hard work. I better stop now. I can see myself getting in BIG trouble with this one. I still have a hard time when I see someone with earbuds in and I think about the time with yours in the…………yep!!! I’ll be grounded for a month if I continue this. You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for the smiles. Hope you enjoy a super Blessed evening.( remember, you can pay them back when they come to the gym with you 🙂 )

    1. Those boys are funny. I had a person come to the door last night (my 14 year old was lurking behind me…he’s very protective) and she was trying to get me to sign a petition to fight childhood obesity. My son jumped in the conversation telling the woman that I was a food nut and not to get me started…that I made them eat all sorts of terribe stuff like the mashed sweet potaotes the night before!

  7. LOL…too funny…tell them that the soup will make him have big muscles and grow strong…eat the soup first and go ummmm uhhhh to sell it to them…LOL…that seems to motivate kids…Good Luck…I love broccoli soup…hey, if you have the recipe let me know.

    1. I do have a quick and easy recipe. You just cook the broccoli like normal…I steam mine in the microwave, then add it to the blender with organic chicken broth, salt, pepper and a little bit of butter. Blend it up and that’s it! You can add a few tbs of heavy whipping cream or a quarter cup of milk if you like a richer flavor but I think it’s good even without it. My children do NOT agree…

  8. As someone who has had the privilege of having cauliflower referred to as “weird white stuff,” I can totally relate.

    1. can relate. Maybe I can outdo myself and after green death tonight I can move on to white death Friday! Lol…

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