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Not so blurry

Blurry Day

People seem particularly attached to what the numbers on thier scales tell them about how they’re doing in the gym. It is a good rough guide but it shouldn’t be the final word in their assessment of how they’re doing. I hover right around 112lbs these days but I can look very different depending on my muscle-to-fat ratio. There are times when I look a little blurry and times when I look tighter and more cut. Naturally, I strive for the latter. On the occasions when I’m blurry, I just increase the amount of cardio I’m doing and tighten up the diet a little. I never get very far out of range so the changes I have to make aren’t terribly hard….an extra half hour of cardio several times a week and I say bye bye to my favorite vice…Potato chips…for a while. It’s not that I’m crazed by an out of whack muscle-to-fat ratio, It’s just easier to address it when the adjustments I have to make are small…lil tweaks and not radical changes. See, I’m lazy. I’m not interested in putting in the time and effort it would take to deal with large swings in my weight or the look of my physique. In both of the above photos, I weigh just about 112lbs. To be accurate, I weigh a little more than 112lbs but a little less than 113lbs. See what I mean? I’m heading to the beach for Spring Break so it’s time to make friends with the treadmill and drop kick the Ruffles into the trash…got to have the right muscle-to-fat ratio when I’m strolling on the sand!


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  1. A very ‘hard’ 112lbs. I wouldn’t have guessed that much. Great work!

  2. Hey Doc-
    I’ve finally made my way here and I’m glad. You are so informative and inspiring. Thank you for letting us into your world.

    You are right only bodybuilders understand certain terms and I believe I’m on my way to becoming one simply because I actually “got” what you were saying as I viewed your pics. When I first started everything was a bit jumbled and confusing but I knew that if I stuck with it and learned bit by bit I would get it…and I did. Thanks for helping us ‘newbies’ understand this lifestyle.

    1. I am so happy that you stopped in here to see me! Thank you for the pat on the back. This has been a fun new outlet for me. Something fresh for the new year!

  3. Words of wisdom indeed Doc!

    1. Thanks! And a big hello to you…glad you stopped by!!

  4. hey doc,
    love the article..your pics inspire me.
    hope all is good

    1. All is well on this front. Still having trouble negotiating bb.com. It’s so horribly slow now and there are still those weird glitches. So happy that you like my posts here. At least you can see my photos on this blog. They made them so tiny on bb.com you have to squint to see them! Happy Thursday…

      1. ok found this..no notification via email so i will just have to check.
        bb.com is about done for me. had many friends..very few show up anymore….Love your blog and the bigger pics….just such a ripped woman..frickin inspiring to me….thanks for that.

      2. Thank you, thank you….I’m sad about bb.com but this place helps a little!

  5. I’m a big fan of your muscle to fat ratio…regardless of your degrees of blurry!

    1. Why thank you! I have to laugh because my boys just hate it when I talk about muscle to fat ratio…but I like to be precise. I don’t want them to think I think I’m fat..that’s not it but the “blurry” thing seems to make sense to other people. I think bodybuilders understand what “I’m fat” means but not the general pop. I get awful looks when I say that….lol..therefore I sometimes day it on purpose (around those who give me a hard time about my exercise and eating habits). Bad monkey…

  6. Beautiful symmetry, lovely hardbody with a great A-tude! U look amazing Lynn. You are webster’s definition of perfection. Beautiful on the inside as much as the outside. 112 or 113 it just doesn’t matter as you have sculpted a very awesome physique. Very inspirational that’s what you are to me….

    1. Oh my goodness…I’m going to read this comment again and again! You’re just so kind…and always uplifting. Thank you! You make my days shinier! Lol…That’s a wonderfu thing…

  7. @peaking of treadmills, how often do you do cardio? How long? What’s your target heart rate?

    1. Right now I’m fluffy so I’m doing at least 30 min of cardio each time I hit the gym (4-5) days a week. I often do 40 mins but I split it up into two 20 minute sessions….I get bored. I’ll do one before my weight workout and one after. I don’t have a target heart rate. I’ve never measured but I don’t push it too hard. For some reason just a very steady fast walking pace on a slight incline (3.0) works best for me since I’m trying to preserve my muscle mass but burn the fluff off.

  8. You always have such motivating thoughts and picts Lynn. I hope you and the boys had a wonderful weekend filled with Gods Blessings. Have a great day my special friend.

    1. Mess! Good morning..and thank you. We did have a nice weekend. It was filled with football as you can imagine. The little one understands the game pretty well and has begun making very astute comments when watching. It’s delightful. Another weekend is almost here. It will have a little football in to too. Hope you’re doing well…wishing you the best, most wonderful days!

  9. I need to be more like that. I trying to get back in shape. Once I finally get back in shape I plan on staying that way. I like the way you think. Either way your physique looks awesome.

    1. You’re always so kind and supportive…thank you! Yeah…I’m lazy. Don’t want to work too hard…it’s easier to just stay in shape for me.

  10. Nice work on the abs Dr Lynn…way to go…yes, your statement above is so true…can’t go by weight as the final assessment.

    Artie Prince

    1. It’s anti-intuitive…women especially seem chained to thier scales but I really do look so different at the same weight depending on how much/little muscle I’m holding on to!

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