Do No Harm

A quiet moment

Not every week is a great time of progression in the gym. I know that and I don’t push it if I feel tired, distracted or especially uninterested. I still show up and do a reasonable workout but I don’t try to go all out. I call these times, my Do No Harm periods. I’ve been at this long enough (20 years) to be able to listen to my body and to make adjustments accordingly. I always get to the gym. Going is mandatory (unless I’ve scheduled time off for vacation) but how hard I work is variable. Most of my weeks are intense, go-for-broke training sessions but now and again I’ll get up on a Monday, hit the gym as usual and just know it’s not going to be like that. Instead of spending time trying to gin up mojo I don’t have, I just switch to maintenance mode, start my Do No Harm workouts and keep right on going…


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  1. Wow..this just confirms something for me. I’m glad I’m learning early in this way that’s for sure. I go to the gym sometimes and I lift heavy during saying bicep day, then the next week I can barely get the weight over my head doing the same exercises…so I’ve learned to drop to a lower weight and go with that. It’s simple: I’m not trying to get hurt! I enjoy training too much to be forcibly set down because of an injury I could have prevented….sheesh.

    Thanks girl!

    1. Yep…we’re in it for the long haul so easing back when necessary is very important. That old saying is true…It’s a marathon not a sprint!

  2. will be following

    1. Yay!! Very happy to hear that…

  3. Another year of football over for us. Our teams will have to wait til next year I guess. I hoped both our teams would have made it. Gods perfect will. Great new pict. Hope you had a Blessed weekend and that your week will be phenominal (extra, extra Blessings) 🙂

    1. Yes…the games were very exciting however. Both of them had me on the edge of my seat! Now I’m going to root for Eli…I hope he can push Brady off the throne in the Superbowl matchup. We shall see…So happy to have a message from you to start my week off right! Happy Monday….

      1. found u dr amazin u r

      2. SO glad you came to see me here! I’m having a good time with this blog. I’ll still check into now and again however. Hope they keep tweaking it so it gets better!

  4. really relevant for me. I have some health issues related to chronic fatigue. There are many times that i go to the gym and i should employ the do no harm approach or philosophy. This blog simply reinforced it. So, much appreciated Doc.

    1. I used to just push through no matter what but I learned over the years to listen to my body and tailor my workouts depending on how I’m feeling. I think it works better and I don’t run the risk of getting hurt/truly fatigued that way!

  5. Wow..DrLynn you look amazing…awesome definition in your shoulders and especially your biceps….you are adding on size..great physique that you are transforming…good job…simply gorgeous…keep it up! Have a super day.

    1. Thank you, thank you…hope your week is off to a wonderful start! It was chest/back day for me…back is my favorite thing to train!

  6. Hmmmm, do no harm workouts. A great concept. That’s pretty deep and I have to keep that concept in mind. I can say by looking your beautifully symmetrical physique you are the perfect example as to why your do no harm workouts keep you fit year round…Luvit.

    1. Ah…I’ve learned over the years when to push hard and when to just try to maintain. Seems to work pretty well. Thank you for the lovely compliment…

  7. So true…Wow you look awesome…nice bicep development and definition…great job on developmemt of physique as well…simply gorgeous Lynn…yeahhh

    1. Why thank you! One of the reasons I love lifting so much. Do you know that for years, I wouldn’t show my arms (even in the summer I wore 3/4 sleeve shirts) because I was so skinny. Yay for bicep curls!!

  8. Very timely for me since I just developed a pretty nice case of bronchitis. Been using a couple of weeks to work on some plateaus and pondering if I had any business at the gym. Perhaps a quick workout in my home gym will suffice. Ya never know where you’ll find the answer! Thanks!

    1. Take care of that Bronchitis! Seems like a very good time to just switch to Do No Harm mode. Hope it gets better VERY fast!

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