Honey Badger Don’t Care…

Got to do it Honey Badger Style!

Want muscle?  Gotta go at it like the Honey Badger after larva.  You’ve got to be willing to put up with some sweat and some pain.  Girlies, I’m talking to you especially…you might have to work harder than you thought you could.  You might even grunt or growl when you’re lifting heavy.  NO….I DON’T DO THAT!  I’m just speaking hypothetically, of course….

Want to see the Honey Badger in action?  Click this! http://youtu.be/4r7wHMg5Yjg


15 responses

  1. OMG… My Mouth is Stuck Open 😉

    1. That Honey Badger is something else!!

  2. So very beautiful that sculpted hardbody of yours. You are just as beautiful on the inside too. As for the badger their intensity and no fear A-tude is second to none. I will keep in mind your blog very deep.

    1. Thank you…you’re always such a source of positive support!

  3. WOW!!! Just Beautiful and Sexy!!! 😉

    1. Why thank you so much! The lighting in that room was particularly good that day. Think I’ll just stay in that room and never come out! Lol…

  4. Is that a funny video! One of the Officer’s had that and played it. I couldn’t get “FYI Mr Honey Badger” out of my head for at least a week…..too funny. I am very thankful we can still talk here. I did receive you message on BB.com what a nice Blessing to come home to. Any more red death experiences? The boy’s always put a smile on my face with their surprising comments.
    I hope you have a wonderful evening filled with Gods Blessings. Got to get up at 0300hrs, busy range day Lynn. Thank you for being you 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness….when I get up early 4:30am, I know you’ve already beat me by hours! Hope your day at the range went very smoothly. Glad you liked that video. It makes me laugh. I grew up in San Francisco and knew plenty of men who sounded just like the narrator. Reminded me of my youth. Lol…

      1. It was nice to hear from you. You and the boy’s are always in my prayers Lynn. An early afternoon work-out huh? Because of my schedule I never know who I’ll see in the gym………it’s like going to a new gym everyday. You can imagine I’m just not the social butterfly. I hope you and the boys had a wonderful Blessed day. Have a peaceful night Lynn.

  5. 🙂
    hope all good

    1. All is well on this front! Got in a great leg workout this morning. Did lots of deadlifts (Romanian and regular). Tomorrow will be shoulder day…fun!

  6. Wow…speechless Dr. Lynn…you are simply gorgeous…nice calves, strong legs, biceps, and amazing upper body. You are solid like a rock..just like the Ashford and Simpson song “Solid Like Rock..Hot Hot Hot Hot…LOL…you are definitely representing…You just don’t know how beautiful you are DrLynn and your personality matches it inside too…just a bit of encouragement to keep pushing that awesome physique to the limit…trying to get there myself and I WILL. 🙂 Funny video on the honey lava.

    1. What a lovely comment. Sure appreciate the pat on the back. Makes me want to keep on working HARD! Isn’t that Honey Badger video silly?…makes me laugh…

  7. You go girl (Honey Badger!). That’s an awsome approach to working out. Now I understand how you do it! 🙂

    1. Yes…I do it Honey Badger style. Lol…really glad you stopped by and took time to leave me a comment!

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