Going Commando

This morning my eight year old son came into the kitchen and announced that I didn’t need to buy him underwear ever again. His exact words were “I don’t like them. It’s a lot more comfortable without them and I’m going Commando from now on.”

I laughed and thought about that for a minute. I think he takes after me in that regard. I wear underwear but I certainly like to be comfortable especially so in the gym. Just the other day I saw a little, thin woman working out in a big sweatshirt, sweatpants and fur lined Crocs. It’s a little chilly in the gym sometimes but I’d definitely overheat in that outfit, plus the idea of walking around swathed in big, heavy, sweaty garments makes me cringe. Seems like a little slice of horror I can do without. She’s not the only one who dresses in outfits I can’t fathom. A couple years ago there was a guy who wore a silver space suit. It looked like mechanic’s coveralls but it was made out of shiny metallic material. He’d work himself into a tizzy and his whole head would turn red. Other than his hands, that’s all you could see. I’m sure it was supremely uncomfortable and I’m also sure he thought it was doing something good for him. I don’t care what he thought the benefits were, as far as I’m concerned nothing is worth over baking in a giant tin foil wrapping.

I like to wear body hugging clothes when I exercise. Lycra is my friend in the gym. I don’t want baggy clothes that can get caught in machines, interfere with my range of motion or cause me to overheat. I also have to have my hat on. I don’t want hair swinging round or sticking to me in wet strands. Yuck! I have lots of different hats I wear to the gym. Every last one of them is black. I’ve tried wearing other colors but I’ve discovered they drain my strength…..like Kryptonite for Superman.

I’m thankful that I’m not weird like the little lady in sweats or the guy in the silver suit. I’m also thankful that since I no longer have to buy underwear for my eight year old I’ll have some extra money for new black hats!



31 responses

  1. I love the honesty in children’s innocence. Pretty funny.
    Keep up the hard work. It is certainly paying off.

    1. Thank you! Wishing you a relaxing Saturday night!

  2. Your cap conveys your awesomeness very well, Dr. Lynn, as well as your good son.

  3. Looking good Dr.!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you’re doing well these days!

  4. How funny…I wish I liked going commando, but I just can’t do it. I might have tried. 😉

    I do, however, love this pic of you! You look damn stage-ready, woman!

    1. Why thank you!! know what I discovered? Those boxer briefs that guys wear are really comfortable. How do I know? Well lets just say there was a particular camping trip where I ran into an undergarment challenge. Put on my son’s boxers and OMG..those things are incredibly comfy! Yeah…Lynnie likes boy underwear (the same type my son has rejected) but I also like the little, tiny, sparkly, girly ones too..for different reasons.

  5. Hope you and the boys have a Blessed night Lynn 🙂

    1. Thank you…Poor little one has a bad cold but he had a good time staying home with me yesterday! For some reason he perks up right after I make the decision not to send him to school…

      1. I sent you a similar message on BB.com. I’ll be away approx a month. Just got my orders. I know God will keep His hedge of protection around you and the boy’s because He always answers my prayers :). Be Blessed dear friend

  6. Looking to see more photos of your here… The gloves are off… Smile.

    1. I’ll be posting more…bb.com is making me mad! Those little pictures are too tiny to see!!

  7. Your son is a riot…lol. I understand and appreciate you wearing tight outfits because your physique is awesome a beautiful hardbody and a knockout smile. Now some should refrain from dressing like you as there physiques require a little more fine tuning 🙂 What cracks me up are the UBO’s. You know Upper Body Only guys with chicken legs wearing the tightest tank top with the biggest sweat pants… Very amusing blog indeed:) Keep them coming 🙂

    1. Yeah…UBO’s! I know all about them…there are LOTS of guys like that. I say they look like the Tasmanian Devil. Giant upper bodies and little, bitty legs! Hmmmm..I think I’ll write a blog about that!

  8. I remember the silver weight loss suits from back in the stone ages, but didn’t think people still wore them! Lol. I always wanted to ask them to “take me to your leader”. I usually wear tight-ish clothes to work out in too, but no commando at the gym. Could be disasterous! Lol

    1. Made me smile….That space suit thing looks SO uncomfortable. Gee…and when his head would get so red, I’d want to do him a favor and cut him out of that thing!

  9. No you’re just weird in a fantastically fit at any age way, Doc. I’m weird in a I have to wear cut off shirts too keep my body from overheating when I go H.A.M. in the gym. ;-P
    Still enjoy receiving your blogs in my email.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Yay…so happy you stopped by and I’m glad you like my looney blog. It’s fun for me to have a new place to express myself. Yep! We all have our little habits and our certain ways we feel comfortable!

  10. Well I happen to really enjoy working out in my shorts, big a$$ baggy sweatshirt, wrestling shoes and my ever faithful iPod! The only time I look in a mirror is when I am actively lifting to make sure my form is correct! I will drop weight if I lose my form (unless I on my last rep of course)! Do you know think of me differently?

    1. H and for the record…commando is the best way to go!

      1. Well, my son certainly agrees with you!

    2. You’re wonderful and you can wear whatever you want to! There is one guy at my gym who lifts heavy but ALWAYS in jeans. I just like to have freedom of movement. Monkeys don’t really like clothes. Lol…

  11. Thats awesome. Both my boys are like that at times, so its a comfort to see that its normal. As for the other issues, I too have noticed that there is a wide array of clothing being worn oin the gym. Some I must say belong somewhere else and others make no sense what so ever. Rock on with oyur black hat and glad that you keep it real….

    1. Do you remember when the girls used to wear leg warmers for working out? How about those thong leotards over tights? Oh my goodness…funny fashions from the past! Glad you stopped by!!

  12. His honesty is precious. I think I’m going to have to get you a black USMC hat. What a wonderful way to start the day……..which actually started 4hrs ago( Yep, 0300hrs again) I hope you and the commando’s have a Blessed day Lynn

    1. Thank you, thank you…sending you wishes for a wonderful and Blessed day as well!!

      1. Is the new pict on BB.com the result of all those box jumps? You know I couldn’t resist. It’s another beautiful pict of you Lynn. Hope your weekend is filled with Blessings.

  13. I had that same conversation with my mom when i was in the 4 grade. She was shocked when she washed my clothes and didnt see any underwear in the laundry. They almost had a family meeting. I wear them during the day but when im home. Im a straight nudist. No clothest for me.

    1. Makes me laugh…but I can’t blame him!

      1. dig ur son as for wierd or strange no doc ur not just dont forget ur black hat

      2. Hi! Glad you came to see me here! I’m wearing my black hat right this minute!!

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