Pull Up a Chair and I’ll Tell You a Tale

Once upon a time there was a sweet, nurturing, diligent, caring and hardworking mother.  She had two sons whom she raised with tender care from the moment they were born. She fed them at her breast and later made special baby food for them from organic fruits and vegetables that she lovingly chose at the Farmer’s Market.  As they grew she packed tasty, healthy lunches for them to take to school, made them a good hot breakfast each day and prepared dinners that included a wide variety of veggies combined with delicious lean meats.  She taught them about good health practices and proper nutrition… And because of this they grew strong in mind and body. Both were capable of sharp, nimble thought and both demonstrated unusual athletic skill. 

 One day the sweet, nurturing, diligent, caring and hardworking mother sent her children on an unsupervised trip to the grocery store.  They were to pick up a few items like orange juice, eggs and flour. The flour was for a pie she was planning to make from scratch for the children to eat after dinner while watching the Superbowl (you see they weren’t deprived of occasional sweet treats).  When they returned home she could hear great sounds of merriment floating up from the garage. She went down to see what delightful thing could cause all that beautiful laughter. 

 This is what she saw.

OMG...and note the big smile...

 When the sweet, nurturing, diligent, caring and hardworking mother demanded an explanation the boys told her that she should be happy because they had made a great economic decision.  The supermarket was running a special so if they bought two boxes of soda they got an additional three boxes for free.  Never mind the fact that soda wasn’t on the shopping list or that it’s not even allowed at their house (they may only have it as a treat at restaurants and parties).  They didn’t have an exact reason for adding the Hostess doughnuts or cupcakes other than they’d never had them before and they were SURE they were the best tasting things on the planet.


The sweet, nurturing, diligent, caring and hardworking mother has sons who may chop and stack firewood, shovel snow and detail  automobiles (coincidentally, all of which they had a chance to demonstrate right after the trip to the store) but they may never, ever go grocery shopping alone!


18 responses

  1. Those boys don’t know how lucky they’re going to be in less than 5 years when they’re still in great shape and can lead healthy lives naturally…

    1. Right now they feel deprived. I always hear “but mom…ALL my friends eat that!” Lol….

  2. got to lov em, good try

    1. Those boys keep me on my toes! Couldn’t believe it when I saw all that junk. Guesst they figured they might as well go BIG!!

  3. Funny, cute, and entertaining. Oh, and thank god mine or grown. LOL

    1. They’re always coming up with something to keep me on my toes. The little one has been fascinated with creating a grenade for the longest time. One day I caught him trying to empty some of the gas from the lawn mower to use as fuel for his project. OMG….

  4. That’s a pretty good stash! They don’t mess around! 🙂

    1. They sure don’t…guess they figured “If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly!”

  5. LOL…too funny…like their sales pitch…lol

    1. I swear those boys keep me on my toes! We went from no soda to FIVE big boxes of the stuff! They’re very proud of themselves…

  6. LOL… that is hilarious!!!! All they needed were some chicken nuggets to really set you off!!

    1. Can you believe that? It WAS funny. I couldn’t honestly believe it…and they were so proud of themselves!

  7. That smile on the young man’ face reminds me of a beautiful DrL I’ve had the privilidge to see and follow on BB.com. Judging from her awesome physique I can feel her cringe when she discovered the, for lack of a better term, debilitating treats. Thank God for mother’s like the good DrL that care & teach their children about healthy nutrition!

    1. LOL!!! Too funny.Well I am impressed with his bargaining skils. Just curious, when you were their age did you have the same “sneaky” creativity 🙂 You know he has a great smile LIKE someone I KNOW (hint) and you know what they say, behind every smile is a motive:) Last but not least someone once said the apple does not fall to far from the tree:) Come on Doc, I know you had a few junk food moments in your childhood. You are an awesome Mom and a super human being. Your sons are very fortunate to have you as their mom and they will appreciate your healthy eating lifestyle especially if you have a no junk food allowed in the house policy 🙂 Keep rockin it LL 🙂

      1. Those boys knew better for sure! I think they thought the economic excuse (along with telling me the soda had REAL sugar and not high fructose corn syrup) was going to fly. Funny….

    2. I simply couldn’t believe it when I saw all those boxes of soda. I did have to laugh to myself…good try kids!

      1. lol great stoy lynn 😀


      2. Thank you….my real life provides LOTS of stories…always SOMETHING happening with those boys!

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