Don’t be a UBO!

 A little while ago I got a note from Matt (a friend of mine) that included the following sentences. “What cracks me up are the UBO’s.  You know, guys with chicken legs wearing the tightest tank top with the biggest sweatpants.”  I’d never heard the term UBO’s before but I knew exactly what it meant.  Every person who spends time in the gym is very familiar with the phenomenon.  There are plenty of people with nice upper body development but nothing at all in the leg department.  The bench press area is always full and the guys in particular fight for the dumbbells and barbells to do their curls with.  Seems many guys just want to work chest and biceps (the majority of the girls don’t want to touch the weights at all)  and they ignore the squat racks completely.  

There’s a reason.  Leg day is difficult.  It’s a challenge both physically and mentally.  It hurts!  There are times when I’m squatting that I actually see stars.  You sweat with the effort, you walk away shaky and over the next few days you’re likely to be walking around very gingerly.  On those days trying to bend down to pick up a fallen object is a challenge and so is getting in and out of the car.  Still, it must be done…and strangely once you’ve made peace with the necessity, the tenderness felt later feels like a reward.  It’s welcome, looked for, accepted as a job well done. 

You can’t always hide in giant sweatpants.  Hit the beach or slip on those shorts and your work ethic is going to show.  Anybody who sees skinny sticks is going to know…..YOU DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

Here you have a hard worker. See what I mean? You always know!


Oh good gracious no!


Don't think so!


Yes, yes, yes! This is Todd Roberts....amazing legs!

I’m not saying every man can have legs like this but one thing you know when you see them, Todd has put in countless hours of HARD work!

Not so much....


This is another big YES! Lovely...and you know she EARNED those legs!


Hmmmm....not so great in the leg department


You know this guy squats! Fantastic work...

This is Bear96.  He’s one of my all-time biggest inspirations in the gym…an incredibly hard worker and DEDICATED!

Obviously a no..and EXACTLY how my legs used to look!


Me...still a work in progress but you have to admit this is better than where I started. Lots of hot dates with the squat rack under my belt...


Quads! Getting better...and I'm going to keep on trying...


25 responses

  1. Isn’t it funny how once we learn to love the RESULTS from leg day, it still doesn’t quite make us love leg day. Ok, I ALWAYS look forward to leg day for so many reasons…but while I’m doing it? Ugh. It’s hard. *whine* 😉 Your legs are incredible! Those bird legs cracked me up! I always have so much respect for a man with mass in his legs…most seem genetically challenged to build much size in their lower extremities. I respect anyone I see in the squat rack…actually doing full motion, heavy ass squats!

    1. I know….most avoid squats because they are uncomfortable (to say the least). I stayed away from them for YEARS but finally had to man up and do the work. Finally saw results..who woulda thunk it?

  2. Once again a great and inspirational post that I can relate with. I have been quilty in the past of ignoring my legs, but have recently changed that and looking forward to the results I know are coming.

    Oh, and nice legs Lynn, you look great.

    1. Legs are easy to ignore…I used to do it too…well, I’d go though the motions but never put big effort into it. Wonder why I didn’t see the results I wanted. Ha! Live and learn. I do them faithfully now and get better results (who woulda thunk it?)

  3. all around package ur boots look good too

    1. Why thank you!! I have a little thing for shoes/boots…love them! Happy you stopped by!

  4. So how did he get UBO? What does it stand for:

    You Bench Only
    Upper Body Only

    1. Oh…Upper Body Only! He used that term and it made me laugh. I call those guys the Tasmanian Devils…remember that character? Big on top with little bitty legs!

  5. Here is another title: Death to Skinny Jeans!!!

    1. Yeah…death to skinny jeans!

  6. How ironic as I am still recovering from my leg workout two days ago. As for you my friend you have excellent symmetry and I find your legs beautifully compliment your physique. Your hardwork always pay off. Time to take my warm milk now 🙂 Keep rockin it Lynn….

    1. Ha…told you I was going to write about your UBO’s! That term made me laugh…Thanks for the nice words about my legs. I really work hard on them. They’re my most challenging body part by far!

  7. Love the post and you are absolutely right. I see this everywhere….UBO’s gotta use this term myself….BTW, tour legs are amazing….keep it up Doc.

    1. Thank you! It’s sure a common thing. They call the biceps/chest only workouts the vanity workouts…all teenage guys start off like that but some never change! Hope you have a fantastic day! Stay strong!!

  8. Lynn I always admired your legs!!!!!

    1. Thank you! YOUR quads are quite amazing. You used to have a photo up that put two pics of you side by side…one before you started working out and one more recent. I loved seeing how your physique has changed. I know for sure you’re an incredibly hard worker. Your results speak for themselves…AMAZING!

  9. Hmmmm, your legs look okay for a spider monkey that is! Haha, just playing! I wish I could squat heavy…my knees are way to banged up from to many years in the Army. I have started squaring again, just with resale light weight!

    1. Poor monkey legs! They love skinny that’s for sure. Trying to get a little muscle on those things is a chore indeed! Be gentle doing your squats and STOP right away if your knees hurt. Hmmmm…I’ve never actually seen your legs. I think you need to post a pic of you on the beach, relaxing in the sand….lemme see those knees…

  10. You are doing great…your legs are nice DrLynn…you are not a UBO…I see the hard work in you…yeahhhh

    1. My legs give me a hard time…I have to work very hard to see a differnce so I REALLY appreciate the compliment!

  11. Oh yeah I like yours!!~~~ One can tell Lynn you work HARD!! Oh yeah..

    1. Thank you! I sure do try. I kept looking for a way around the squats but finally had to admit that I wasn’t going to get anywhere without incorporating them!

  12. WooHoo!!! I love yours…. 😉

    1. I finally stopped fighting with myself and made myself do real squats. It sure helped the cause!

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