Thank You Note

Sending a little love out to the 7th Special Forces Group…another faction of the Just-Doing-My-Job crew!


12 responses

  1. Thanks, Lynn. All of us veterans and members of 7th SFG really appreciate your support. Im sure your photos will make it up into a team rooms all over the place!

    1. Now why does that idea hold such appeal for me? Lol…It’s absolutely my pleasure…

  2. See you in a week. One more. Miss you and hope you have a wonderful weekend full of Blessings.

    1. Yay…Glad you’re on your way back. Take care in the meantime and I’ll be waiting…smile….

  3. Thanks for your support to all the armed forces.

    Semper Fi

    1. I think it’s time for another good photo for the Marines! Happy Friday to you!

  4. Well once again I will have to tell my boss to leave me alone while I am focusing on your blog! Getting the urge for some warm milk:) Your pictures are truly BSC:) Beautiful, Sexy and Classy. Your loyalty to the 7th Special Forces Group is AWESOME!

    1. You’re just the BEST!! Thank you for the much appreciated pats on the back…you just keep the smile on my face!

  5. What a great heart DrLynn…my dad is a veteran…I see your leg development is coming along…sexy legs…way to go..yeahhh

    1. Always workin’ the legs over here. Lol…those sticks are stubborn! You always say the nicest things…thank you!

      1. Well it’s the it’s not hard to say 🙂

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