Snow Bunny

Before spring begins and snowy days are a memory I wanted to try some photos in the old Snow Bunny tradition.  I waited for a good snowstorm, donned my pink bikini and bunny ears, wrapped myself in a big robe and headed out into the wilderness (aka the backyard).  Here a few photos from that day.

Just kidding!

I ran outside wrapped in a long, black robe...

That part went well….threw off the robe and took a few more pictures.

Having fun but it was starting to get chilly. Still, it was beautiful out there with all the snow falling...very quiet and peaceful...


By now I was getting cold so I looked around for my robe so I could put it on and sprint into the house.  I realized that it was snow-covered and sopping wet so I left it there to retrieve later.  I was freezing…I ran around the corner and right smack into a pine branch which released a TON of snow on top of me.  I said a few choice words as I tried to shake it off…dragged myself into the house a wet, frigid mess.  Goodness….how I suffer for my art!


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  1. That snow bunny was…. nekkid! Lol. Gotta hand it to you, Dr. Lynn. You’re a good person…but “watch out for that tree!” 🎵🎶

    1. Poor bunny was SO cold out there. I got the shot then went running toward the house. I hit a branch on a pine tree and the snow fell down on top of me! I was FREEZING…but I had a good laugh. It was a very silly moment!

  2. I guess when you are hot like that you don’t mind the cold so much…. 🙂

  3. esteban yoyome | Reply

    awesome as always doc

    1. Thanks! It was cold out there but I always wanted to take some snow pictures. Every time in the past, I’d think about it but chicken out! I think I prefer the beach…at 85 degrees!

  4. Nice pics Lynn, save it for a nice hot Florida beach..Your ready and it’s only March. Take care.

    1. Yes!! Florida beach…that sounds delightful. I WILL be taking a trip to the shore over spring break so I’ll see about taking some pictures…much easier to do it there than standing in a snowstorm!

  5. great pics doc……show off how good a shape you are in……right on!

    1. Thanks! Trying to keep myself together. Somehow these years keep piling on..what the heck?!?

  6. Good God, woman…you make my heart race! AMAZING! The stage would be humbled…

    1. Oh my goodness! Brooke…the beautiful ray of sunshine. Thank you for such great feedback. Stop it or my head is gonna swell!

  7. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to share your art with others. I consider this a cool “Gorgeous/Master Piece”!

    1. Oh…you made me smile!! Thank you!

  8. Fabulous photos – but your more game that I would be! That snow looks COLD! I think next time you’re worth a studio show – you look stunning. Well done 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I think I’ll take some photo on a warm beach in the future! I’m such a baby about the cold but it actually wasn’t too bad until I ran into that pine branch!

  9. So this is why my winter out here was one of the warmest that I can recall:) I’m just wondering how the snow stayed around so long with your beautiful smile and physique:) For some reason I have a strong urge for warm milk:) Thanks for sharing your story and beautiful, simply beautiful pics.

    1. Ah…thank you! I did have a good time frolicking about in the snow…UNTIL the snow fell out of the tree on top of me! Next photos will be from the beach (hopefully)! YOU make me smile…

      1. Well you know it works both ways as YOU aways bring a smile to my face. UROCK!!!

  10. Like always!!!! Beautiful and sexy! I love the first pic, just kidding 😉

    1. I think the first one is the best by far! Lol…

  11. Nice smile…sexy and simple gorgeous…the best Easter Bunny…lol..good job DrLynn…keep working hard.

    1. Thank you! Always wanted to try some snow pics but always chickened out…I’m a baby when it comes to cold weather!

      1. Well I couldn’t look like you had fun out in the snow…keep it up Lynn..just know that your physique looks fabulous n sizzle dizzle..if that is a word…lol

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