A Look Back


Many things come together to set you on a particular path.  I first became interested in weight training as a result of several influences.  There was an artist named Boris Vallejo who painted pictures of women warriors.  He created strong, muscular women who I saw and admired for their amazing physiques.  They were, however,  just paintings and I would have thought not reflected in real life except I stumbled across some bodybuilding magazines at a drug store one day.  As I thumbed through the pages, I saw not just muscular men but women too!  One particular model caught my imagination…I thought she was the perfect combination of feminine allure and strength.  Her name was Mia Finnegan and although I admired many of the female lifters I discovered around that time, I found her particularly intriguing.  I haven’t seen any recent photos of her in years but she was one of many influences that fueled my first years in the gym.  I didn’t actually know any women with the type of physique I aspired to so those images in magazines were powerful.  The following photos are of Mia…back in the day.  See what I mean?  Just looking at these makes me want to go do some pushups!


6 responses

  1. I miss my favorite vactioner (well deserved, I might add) Hope you had a relaxing, Blessed time.

    1. Oh…it was the best time EVER!! I got to relax and play for a few days. Wonderful time! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. nice doc..hope all is good with you.

    1. All is wonderful…especially after my wonderful vacation to Mexico! What a great time…

  3. yes i remember mia look at u now one of the warriors and an inspiration to many

    1. It was a long road! My body just loves skinny! Always fighting to keep a little muscle on!

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