Exercising in Mexico

I might as well fess up right away.  My efforts to exercise on vacation were practically non-existent.  I dutifully packed a great workout outfit in my suitcase for our trip to Mexico and when I returned home, there they were, folded and unused at the bottom…right underneath some still damp bikinis, shorts, little dresses and sandy flip-flops.  This was no surprise. It happens EVERY time. I must admit I don’t care.  Rest time is essential in any good training program so that’s what I did.  I rested on the beach.  I rested by the pool.  I rested in fantastic restaurants.  I did have a blast jumping around in the pool after lunch most days with Ricardo the aerobic instructor.  I can’t say I got much of a workout but I sure had a great time hopping about in the pool like the nerd I really am (I’m not ashamed of that…I’m PROUD).  He played all kinds of teeny-bopper music which I loved…something about Moves Like Jagger deeply appeals to me…but that’s a discussion for another time.  

Look at this! Does this make you want to run or pick up some heavy weights...or does it inspire you to just kick back?

Me relaxing on the sand...enjoying the hot sun.

Now I'm relaxing on an old wagon...enjoying the hot sun.


And now I'm relaxing in the water....enjoying the hot sun.

 Now that was a typical morning….just about 11:10am it was time to head to one of the restaurants for some delicious food! 


  Here I am in the pool working hard with Ricardo. See how strenuous this was?


After the hardcore aerobic session at the pool, I’d have to return to the beach, lie down on a lounge chair and stare out to sea just to recover.


I found that there were nice people on the beach who would bring you snacks and drinks if you asked sweetly!


This is an example of the type of drink they’d bring.  I have no idea what was in that coconut!

Drinking from the magical coconut inspired me to play in the sand….just kidding.  I was actually afraid to drink it since I didn’t know what was in it!


I always try to get a good patriotic photo when I go on my warm weather vacations.  I climbed up on a little knoll overlooking the ocean and stood by the warning flag.  How do you say “Get down from there you stupid tourist”  in Spanish?  It’s possible I heard that…

And now in a salute to Ricardo and my days in the sun,  I must include the following link  http://youtu.be/suRsxpoAc5w  Go ahead…click on it!


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  1. Tracy Bentley | Reply

    I love all your information about pull ups. I have to admit I use the assist machine but you inspired me to go and at least do 2 and set a goal for more. God Bless and thanks for a beauftiful website with so much info.

    1. I’m still working on these darn pull ups. My goal was to get to 20 by the end of June but I got stuck at 16…I’ll make it but I need more time. Humph! Glad you tried some…they really are great exercises and you’ll get a pretty back out of the bargain!!

  2. Awesome! I’m glad you had a lot of fun. Also you are more dedicated than me, well when I’m on vacations…. I’m on vacations…. I just relax and have fun… 😉

    1. I really can’t say I did much that was strenuous. The pool aerobics didn’t get my heart rate up but boy did I have FUN!

  3. OMG Lynn….Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Looks like you had a great time and heck yeah I’m envious:) Next time give me a “warm milk warming” 🙂

    1. Duh, excuse my typos. I meant warm milk warning…You see I am still rattled…lol. UROCK!

    2. Matt! Beautiful Matt! Hi there and thank you. I did have a great time. I loved everything about that vacation….the hot sun and the sand and the waves and the FOOD! Oh my! I was in food heaven. They had a sushi place there that was really good..along with all kinds of other tasty restaurants. I want to go back…Happy Friday!

  4. Hehe – looked real touch with Ricardo! I wish I was there – I’m so jealous – but I’m off to Spain in a month and a half (Valencia) so I really can’t complain too much.

    Don’t blame you a bit for enjoying it. And yeah, that coconut looks great. Enjoy!

    1. Yes! Ricardo was sure a lot of fun! The whole trip was fantastic…what a great place to go. Spain? Oh…never been there but it’s on my list of places to visit in the future. I know you’re going to have a lovely time!

  5. i quickly stood and gave a salute rest is goooood

    1. Thank you! I’m ready to return to Mexico RIGHT NOW! What a good time…nothing but great food and lots of relaxation. I need more of those vacation things. Lol…

  6. absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

    1. Hi! Thank you…it sure was a great vacation. I have a funny for you. I’ll figure out how to send it or tell you where to look. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s one of my Life With Boys stories…

  7. You’re too cute for words, Lynn! Your pics and captions are great. That coconut drink looks incredible~it’s huge! Thanks for sharing! P.S. You know your body is off the hook, right?

    1. Aw…thank you Brooke! I’m sold on Mexico. It was the best vacation I’ve had in years. I love San Diego and the Pacific coast but gee..the water is frigid! Not much fun to play in. I like it warm!

  8. thanks for sharing your pics doc. looks like a great time down there. body still smokin so keep it up.

    1. Oh! It was just the best. I was so happy to just do nothing all day (except eat and play). Great time!

      1. Looks ike that coconut drink in you in your hands looks like me!!!! or am I dreaming!?

      2. Oh you’re MUCH more handsome that that coconut head!!

  9. In my eyes you are still BEAUTIFUL ~HOT n SEXY!! Glad you had a GREAT TIME!!!

    1. Thank you so much! What a great time. I already want to go back! Happy Friday…

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