Making Lemonade

The other day I was in the market and I ran into one of the other football moms.  She stopped to say hello and then flipped me a little compliment. She said, “Look at you all cute and fit.  I don’t have time to workout.”  I thought about that for a while, then went home and made my own motivational poster (actually, since it’s rather small, I guess it would be more accurate to call it a motivational postcard).

This happens to me quite a lot.  It seems that folks assume I’m a woman of leisure since I have time to make it to the gym.  Not so!  true, I do have more time now than I used to but I’ve been able to make the committment to getting my training in for over 20 years.  I used to have a boss who would lament that she wished she had time to go to the gym like I did.  This was at a time when I was running a private school, attending graduate school and had an infant.  I could often be seen running him across campus in his stroller because when I slowed down he’d cry…a real cardio incentive!  At that time I was doing my workouts at 9:30pm.  That went on for years but I did what I had to and after dinner I’d drag myself to the gym and get that workout done.  It’s a matter of commitment.  If you believe it’s important you’ll find time.  When you absolutely can’t fit it in one day, you’ll cram it in the next. That’s the way it gets done…early in the morning, late at night or behind a closed office door.  You make it happen…you make the time.


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  1. Well good morning my beautiful friend. I still owe you those ab exercises. If I was as photogenic as you I would take a video doing them. Too many tattoos for the general public 🙂 I’ll put it behind the wall for you. Hope you have a Blessed day Lynn

    1. Oh yes!! I’m always looking for new and interesting things to add to my regular routine. It gets stale if you stick with one thing for too long. Some new ab exercises would be very welcome! You have a Blessed day too wonderful Mess!

  2. esteban yoyome | Reply

    doc its how bad one wants it , u r what all need to know on how it gets done bad ass back too

    1. Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day. I agree…really wanting it makes all the difference in the world. I’m gritting my teeth and trying to make it happen.

  3. Righttttt…nice pic by the way..gorgeous back, shoulders, traps, glutes, and all the above Lynn my friend ..hey i made a rhythm..proud of your motivation 🙂

    1. hope all is good look great as usual.

      1. All is well…I’m having a ball trying to get the 20 pull ups. Can’t say I’m close yet but I’ve learned some really cool variations on pull ups and I’m trying some techniques designed to get me stronger. Nice to have some new things in the rotation!

    2. Looking awesome as ever and why? Because you make the time 🙂 I could not agree more.

      1. Hi Matt! Yep…I make the time just like you do. We’re a pair…if you want it, you make it happen! Happy Wednesday!

    3. Artie! Thank you so much…I like your rhythm and appreciate your very nice note!

  4. reginaldrobertsii | Reply

    Classic Line: “So I decided to make my own motivational poster!” — I love it

    1. Thanks! It was a bit of creative motivation for me…

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