All Progress is GOOD!

I firmly believe that we don’t do enough celebrating, especially when it comes to our exercise and fitness lives.  So many of us set a goal, grit our teeth and sweat, strive and sweat some more to get to it.  Setting goals IS important.  It keeps the game interesting and goodness knows there’s always something to work on or improve but sometimes the very way we approach it is our downfall.  Goals are there to guide us, to pull us forward, not to make us crazy.  The all or nothing attitude isn’t always best.  Yes, we should reach the goals we set but we should also celebrate all the incremental improvements along the way.  We ignore the small steps that get us to our ultimate goal at our own peril.  A little reflection as we go…a little pat on the back…an acknowledgement that we’re better than we were is the key to keeping it positive and makes us willing to persevere. 

I set a goal a few months ago of being able to do 20 pull ups in a row. I gave myself until the end of June to accomplish the task.  When I started my best was 11 in a row.   I researched ways to improve my pull ups on the internet and asked my fit friends their opinions.  I’ve done a bazillion pull ups since…wide grip, narrow grip, neutral grip…I’ve done weighted pull ups and slow negatives.  I’ve tried to improve my tricep strength which in turn is supposed to help my ability to tackle lots of pull ups in a row and I’ve done some fancy supersets designed to do the same.  Last time I checked, I could do 15 pull ups in a row!  I say YAY FOR ME!  It’s not the 20 I’ve set as my goal but it’s sure an improvement.  I couldn’t do 15 when I started so I’m saying it’s celebration time!  HOORAY!  I’m delighted…and I’m still going to work for my 20 by the end of June.  I feel good knowing I’m making progress in that direction.

If you click on this link, you can see me do the 15.

I’m getting closer to my goal each day and I remind myself of that as I go.  Don’t forget to give yourself the thumbs up as you work towards those bigger goals.  Remember…all progress is GOOD!


2 responses

  1. Lynn, you amaze me more and more each day. Hope you and the boys have a SUPER Blessed day

    1. Hi Mess…just signed on and saw your message. I used to get email notification when someone left me a comment but didn’t for this one. Humph…sorry about taking so long to respond! Thank you for your lovely wishes for us. Hope all is well with you. I just joined a new gym…so far, so good….

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