Summer Madness

Yesterday I received all the information about the upcoming fall sports schedules for my boys.  I have to admit I got a little catch in my throat as I wrote down all the important dates for clinics, contact drills, scrimmages and fundraisers.  I love spending long, lazy summer days with my children and this is the harbinger of the crazy-hectic school days to come.  One more month….one more month and I turn them over to studies, activities, and football.  Ah well…the wheel of time keeps on turning.

When the boys are out of school, I have to amend my normal workout routines.  I don’t mind, it’s a chance for me to try new things and accept new challenges.  I no longer have the time to consistently workout alone.  I’ve got constant, and welcome company.  Neither one of them wants to spend much time indoors at the gym so I have to move things outside and improvise.  This summer has been great fun for me.  I discovered the beauty (and difficulty) of high altitude hiking,  the excellent and enjoyable activity of tire flipping and  the satisfaction of a  serious squat challenge.

My older boy has decided that along with playing cornerback on his high school team, he wants to be the kicker.  This is something new for him and it makes me smile secretly since he’s always said that kickers are “lame.”  He happened to meet an excellent kicker for a division one university who was kind and took time to talk to him, encourage him and show him how to kick properly and now kickers are “beast.”  He’s inspired and wants to practice all the time so we often go down to the high school when it’s still cool.  He practices kicking and the little one and I shag balls, run the track and play in the long jump pit.  One morning I saw that the football team had left the tires out.  I always wondered why anyone would want to flip a tire for exercise and now I had a chance to see.  I flipped that thing from one side of the field to the other.  It really was an excellent workout and used muscles in my legs, back and glutes that I don’t normally tax.  Now I’m hooked and I look for those tires every time we’re at the field.

Not only have I been having fun flipping tires, I was invited to participate in a squat challenge.  My legs have always been the most stubborn part of my body and I’ve discovered that squats are the way to go to get a little muscle on my twigs.  I gave it a moment’s thought and then accepted.  For this activity, we had an hour to complete 1000 squats.  We could change stance (wide to narrow) at any time but had to maintain form and go all the way down each time.  I got started and was honestly afraid to stop for long.  I did them in sets of 100 all the way to 1000 and then I did 2o for extra measure.  I got them done in a little less than 35 minutes.  I was a hot, sweaty and happy mess.  For some reason I felt I should do more and after about a 5 minute rest, I pumped out 100 more.  A little later in the day, madness overtook me completely and I got my weights out and did 100 more with 40lbs (in sets of 20 this time).  I’m up for the challenge again and plan do all of my squats with weight next time.  I do believe a  monster has been born this summer!


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  1. Good morning Lynn, hope the boys are enjoying their football training(hydrate). I pray you’ll enjoy a peaceful, Blessed weekend

  2. esteban yoyome | Reply

    fabo as always doc

    1. Oh thank you! I’m trying to keep it fresh. Don’t want to fall apart now! Played Olympics with the boys at the track recently…that was fun. Did some running and a little (very little) gymnastics…

  3. Goodness gracious Lynn!!!! Next you’ll be mooving buildings by yourself! I hope you and the boys have a Blessed weekend

    1. Hi Mess! Sending you some good thoughts today! All is well over here…just doing my thing…working hard in the gym!

  4. I have nothing on your tire abilities. I am good at throwing clothes in the hamper though.

    1. Ah ha!! I approve! Who wants a corner full of dirty clothes? I have that at my house…my boys can’t seem to make the hamper!

  5. Like always, you are amazing!

    1. Hiya! Thank you so much. I’m a nut…but I try to keep my body guessing and the way to do that is to try new things!

  6. U R awesome! I’m exhausted just hearing about your tire flipping and squats challenge. I must say that no energy supplement can last that long 🙂 Apparently your driven determination is something that should be bottled and sold. Keep rockin it Lynn!

    1. Oh…it’s challenging but fun. I have to tell you I took the boys to the field a coupld days ago to play Olympics. I did some running and handsprings (used to be a gymnast). It was crazy fun!!

  7. Awesome story telling as usual. Keep photos of your leg progress. It’ll be small but noticeable eventually. 😉

    1. WOW AWESOME!!!

      1. Thank you, thank you! It’s been a really fun summer!

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