There are times when someone will ask me what my strongest body part is. I always answer the same way. I tell them it’s my mind and it’s absolutely true. My mind and my will are the driving force in all things but certainly in the gym. Almost every day I could come up with a legitimate reason why it would be fine to skip my workout. Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes my shoulder hurts, sometimes my back hurts, some days I’m terribly busy and some days I have things I need to do for my family. A long time ago I set a rule for myself. If my excuse-de-jour isn’t enough to stop me from performing the other duties in my life then I require myself to go to the gym. Now, I’m not some kind of odd robot. I make necessary adjustments once I’m in the door. For instance, if my shoulder is giving me trouble that day, I’ll go lighter on shoulder exercises and increase my reps. If it’s too bad I’ll skip the exercises that put pressure on the sore spot and work legs instead. If I’m dead dog tired I’ll show up anyway but might just get some cardio in or I’ll work a small body part (traps, biceps etc). Working out consistently is a matter of making up your mind and exerting your will. Your mind controls your body, not the other way around.



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  1. Another magnificent pict Lynn. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. No rest this past weekend, but I will be getting lost in the woods this weekend. First time out since Christmas. Hope you had an extra Blessed weekend Lynn

    1. Oh! I’m SO happy to hear that you get to head out and spend some time in nature. I know how important that re-charge time is to you. Have a wonderful time and God bless you Mess!

  2. Very nice..looking good..nice job on the back/ traps 🙂

    1. thanks doc,was not feeling it today until i came across you.

      1. Hi there! So glad you pushed on! One time I was really not feeling like hitting the gym and this man in the grocery store said “nice biceps.” That’s all it took. Now and then just a word or two will get you going in the right direction. Hope you’re having a nice time this summer. I see signs of fall in the trees already….

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