He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (A Tale Of Unrequited Love)

When I first started going to my current gym, one of the trainers asked if I (or someone I was close to) was in the Army since I was wearing an Army hat.  I told her that I had a collection of different shirts/hats representing the different branches of the military and explained why I happened to have such things.  She told me about a photographer that specializes in patriotic/military themed photos and had me go to his webpage to see some of his work.  It was love at first sight!

Jesse Hodge’s images were captivating.  I loved the way he photographed women.  Some of them were muscular and some weren’t but all of the photos were beautiful to me.  They exemplified the mood, tone and power I’d always wanted to capture in my own photographs.  I have wonderful ideas in my mind but I have no experience in photography….I don’t understand angle or light and since I almost always photograph myself (with my little camera and timer) I can’t see what I’m doing in the frame until the picture is taken and it’s too late to make any adjustments. Jesse Hodge isn’t just a fantastic photographer, he also does body paint that’s out of this world.  I’m not sure I want my body painted but I sure appreciate his artistry.  I’m wildly enthusiastic about all of his work…..I even love his signature…a little helicopter that spells his name.

His website had some background information about him.  I found out that he’s an Army veteran.  I used the contact information he posted and wrote him an email about the military tribute photos I post. I told him why they’re near and dear to my heart and I asked if he would be willing to work with me to create some nice photos in that theme.  I even told him I’d be willing to travel to his location (yes I like his work that much).  I have no practical experience with photographers.   I’m not a model by any stretch of the imagination but I thought since he was so committed to fitness photography and obviously enjoyed shooting patriotic photos he might be willing to take me on as a client.  No dice.  He never responded to my email….I sent another and left a couple of phone messages but never heard back.  The sweet trainer who told me about him even tried to contact him on my behalf but she didn’t have and better luck than I did. 

On the brighter side, I’ve since come up with some photos I like pretty well.  I’ve gotten a better at figuring out how to make my pictures come out closer to the way I want them.  I’ve learned a little about lighting…(mainly NEVER to photograph outside in sunlight since I can’t figure out what to do about all the shadows) and not to take photos against a certain white wall in my house.  Here are some of my recent photos.

This was one I posted for a Marine Corps sniper. He liked the shirt…He has this phrase tattooed on his leg.

 Maybe I don’t need Jesse Hodge after all.  I get kind feedback on the photos I post even when my great ideas produce rather feeble results.  Maybe it really is the thought that counts.  Maybe I’ll get better as I go.  Maybe I can do it myself! 

I have some lovely ideas rattling around in my mind.  I just need a few props.  Let’s see…a kevlar helmet, a Marine Corps dress hat, a Navy SEAL flag, a .50 cal Barrett, an entire Marine in full battle dress (and while I’m placing my order make sure he’s muscled up), an Abrams tank, an AV-8B Harrier and an AC-130 gunship complete with pilot. Look, I’m an ARTIST now….I need things!  I’m hot…someone bring me a fan!  Where’s my fizzy water?  I distinctly remember asking that it be here, cold, waiting for me.  I want a snack RIGHT NOW!! 

Jesse Hodge it appears you’ve not only created hundreds of beautiful photos….you’ve also managed to create one terrible, terrible, little monster!


19 responses

  1. The photos are wonderful. I recall reading that you don’t like photos of your backside, but I think that they exhibit the hard work you’ve put in as opposed to the ‘come hither ‘ look.

    1. It’s true…I don’t usually post rear view photos but a nice, firm pair of glutes really does beautifully reflect fitness level.

  2. All wonderful, but I’m in agreement with Mr. Staley – that last one. Wow.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m pure ham. Lol

      1. haha! No so! I think that I went through most of your posts yesterday. You have some incredible photos. I hope that you continue to post them. Last year’s valentines day was beautiful!

  3. You are beyond beautiful

    1. And you are SO kind…you made my whole day!

  4. For the record I have always thought that you must have a pro taking you pictures. Oh and that last pic. WOW!

    1. Tom! Thank you so much…for reading my blog AND for taking time to leave such a nice comment. Happy Friday!!

  5. I think the photos look great!!

    1. Thank you so much! I have a whole pile where I’ve cut portions and pieces of myself out of the frame. I have one really good one where I tripped trying to run and get in front of the camera before the timer went off. In that photo I’m upside down! It’s hysterical. I have some funny bloopers. Maybe I’ll do a post including some of them one of these days!

  6. One more thought………shouldn’t you be wearing a seat belt in the 2nd pict? 🙂

    1. Nah…I don’t need a seatbelt as long as I keep it under 65mph!

  7. Not only are you a wonderful photographer, but your wit and sense of humor is priceless. I can supply the Marine in full combat gear….only I’m not very muscular. Hope you had a Blessed weekend Lynn

    1. always…enjoy your posts even if i don’t always respond.
      you have always been most inspirational to me.

      1. I’m just thrilled that you READ them…that’s a real compliment! Happy Friday!

    2. You have plenty of muscles! Thank you for the nice comments about my post. I’m sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend. Hope you have a little quiet time to yourself and some fun with family/friends too!

  8. Awesome! You look stunning!!!

    1. Hi Al! You are the sweetest! Thank you for always being so supportive and kind. Hope you’re getting ready for a nice long weekend. I suppose you may be working in which case I’ll wish you a CALM weekend!

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