Lynnie and the Grunt Girl

This is a photo I posted in 2010 that’s being featured on a new website devoted to modern military pinup girls.  I distinctly remember trying to pull this photo together.  The idea took root when my boys dragged that camo netting home after a trip into the hills behind our house.  There had been a weekend a few months before when an ROTC program was using the area for something and I guess they left it behind.  I thought it would perfect for a fun/silly picture.

It WAS fun except I forgot to take into account that the netting had been outside in the weeds for a long time.  It had all kinds of stickers and twigs in it and I’d find them at the most inopportune times…like when I decided to sit down on the thing.  My poor fanny had a few scratches and at least one small puncture wound by the time I was done.  Oh well…an ar-teest must suffer for her craft, yes?  I got three reasonable photos out of that afternoon.  Here are the other two.

I wish the lighting was better in the second photo.  My face is a little obscured.  Who said “Yay?” I like the last one because I’m always working on getting my biceps bigger and in that shot they at least look like I might have done some curls in my life. 

I’ve got some good company on  Check out the August 13th Grunt Pinup girl.

Yeah, She’s ALL THAT!  I’d wear her on my shirt any day.  Matter of fact, I WILL be wearing her on my shirt soon….just waiting for the postman to drop her off at my door.  Ya know, I just thought of something.   The little red sign above my photo on the site says Army pinup girl but if you click on it it, up pops the Grunt girlie.  How do you like that?  It’s a “twofer!”  Yeah….. We’re DOUBLE TROUBLE!  

Along with the pinup site these guys have two others that have very cool shirts/gear.  All three are Marine owned and operated. One is  (this one has wonderful, unique, military shirts…like the shirt I was wearing in the Ranger photo on my last post, which can be fully customized) and (this site has very cool fire/rescue, police, law enforcement, club and military pinup girl shirts which can also be customized.  Take a look!


5 responses

  1. Doc, you are one truly awesome patriot and promoter of honor…

  2. Just awesome! 😉

    1. Hi Al!! Happy Thursday to you. I had a nice Labor day holiday. Spent time cooking and eating with friends. Made me think of you since I know how you like to do that too! Hope all is well this week!

  3. You little posts always get my day off to a great start doc.

    1. Oh thank you! Sure hope you’re doing well these days. My boys are back in school now…I’m missing them but enjoying having lots of gym time.

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