Thoughts On A Turbulent Day

I love my flag but all should know that the principles and ideas it represents are not woven into the fabric…rather they are woven into the hearts of all freedom loving people and there they shall remain.  The forces that push against them, that want to lay them to waste, that wish to extinguish their light from the world…shall not prevail!


4 responses

    1. Artie! Hello and happy Monday! Thank you so much. I just felt the need to write that day. Hope your workouts are going well….sending you wishes for a perfect week ahead!

  1. That’s right! I’m glad you are well aware 😉

    1. Hi Al!! It’s a new week…hope it’s off to a nice start for you. I’m enjoying the cooler fall weather and all the Halloween decorations that are starting to pop up! Happy Monday!

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