Coffee With A Splash of Appreciation On Sunday Morning

“The life of a Medic or Corpsman is not an easy one, indeed it is one of the most taxing, emotionally speaking, of any job in the military.  Only commanders have more responsibility, but their burden is lightened by the distance they keep from their troops.  Truth is, there is not a Soldier, Marine, Airman or Sailor out there that isn’t eternally grateful that their Medics and Corpsmen will risk their life and come running when they give the cry.” (Doc Bailey)


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  1. i still check out your blogs..and enjoy them. hope all is well with my friend.

    1. Hello, hello! So glad you stopped by. All is going well. I thought the fall would allow a little more room in the schedule but I seem to always have some project or another going to keep me short on time. I’m still getting all the workouts in, however…gotta keep my priorities straight. How are things on your end? Happy Thursday….

  2. Very well said Doc. Marines consider their ‘green side’ Corpsman true brothers. Some of the toughest men I’ve know have been Corpsman. Semper Fi

    1. TopDawg!! Hi there…I had a good time putting that little thank you note together. Lucky for me I was able to take the photos right after my cutting experiment so my stick legs were showing some definition. Hope you’re doing well, enjoying your days and pushing those heavy weights around like they’re full of air!

  3. Wow Lynn..what a work of sculpture art masterpiece you are…amazingly awesome progress..nice glutes my friend lol..fanning myself…good support for the military too

    1. Oh Artie! You made my day with your sweet note. Thank you…I’m having a good time in the gym…I’m feeling enthusiastic and strong these days. I think the fall weather has re-enegized me! Hope you’re doing well too!

  4. Good Morning & Thank you for support on the military!

    1. You know I have great love and appreciation for our military…and law enforcement. Sure hope you’re doing well these days. I took a short time off after I finished my little cutting experiment and I’m back in the gym feeling refreshed and strong too. Sending you wishes for a lovely evening!

  5. VERY, VERY nice definition in the Quads. And as always, I appreciate your unwavering support for our toops. You ROCK!

    1. Hi! So glad you stopped in to read my blog and that you liked this one. As you know, my legs are the bane of my existence so your compliment was lovely to hear. I’ve been having a great time in the gym and I’m still doing those jumping squats. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your workout too. Wishing you a lovely end to the week and a relaxing weekend!

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