Clean Eating Comedy

The following is a blog entry I wrote a couple of years ago.  I guess I’m feeling nostalgic because lots of incidents from my days in the classroom are floating around in my head lately.  Memories of particular children,  hijinks with co-workers (did you know that Teacher Medicine is just another name for tequila…but that’s a story for another blog) and events like our crazy Halloween parades and holiday sing-a-longs are forefront in my mind.  Maybe it’s the change of seasons that has me reflecting on days gone by.  At any rate the highlighted text is a reprint.

The other day I was without my usual food choices.  I hadn’t had time to go grocery shopping just yet so I opened the cupboard and got out my old stand-by can of tuna and whole wheat crackers.  I sat there at the table with my little snack enjoying a few moments of quiet.  I started to laugh, thinking about an incident that occurred long ago.

 I was teaching a rather energetic class of 5 year olds.  10:30 rolled around and it was time for recess. I sent the children to the playground eager to have a few bites to eat before recess was over and the students returned.  I noticed that two of my boys, Brad and Aldrin were lingering around by the cubbies ostensibly looking for something before heading out to join their friends. I didn’t pay them much attention.  I was too intent on getting my food.  I reached into my bag, and took out a can of tuna and an opener.  I threw the aluminum top into the garbage, got my fork and started eating.  I looked up from my desk and there the boys stood, watching me intently.   My eyes met theirs but before I could say anything one of them turned to the other and elbowed him sharply in the side.  “See” he yelled triumphantly, “I TOLD you she eats cat food!”  With that, they turned and scampered outside.  I sat there with a big chunk of fish on my fork bent over double, laughing.  It was hilarious!

Not only did it make me laugh then, I still get a kick out of it all these years later. Brad and Aldrin, thank you for one of my favorite classroom memories!  It sure makes eating a boring can of tuna a lot more fun!!

I guess it’s safe to say that I’ll never forget that incident or those boys.  By my calculations they’ve got to be about 17 years old now.  Brad and Aldrin were wild, little identical twins…cute and about as untamed as they come!  They were responsible for at least one teacher resigning (Brad pulled her down the stairs when she insisted on holding his hand in an effort to restrain him from pushing the other children in front of him).  They get the credit for that teacher’s early retirement and I swear I suspect them of playing a part in at least one more retirement and a transfer request.  True to form, those boys and I had a war of wills which I naturally won (they put the hard kids in my class for a reason) and lo and behold we ended up enjoying each other’s company very much.  They still wouldn’t behave for the other teachers when I was out of sight but my classroom remained orderly and harmonious…

Many things remain the same in my life since that time and many have changed.  I’m still eating straight tuna with crackers for snacks but now instead of eating it out of a can, I eat it from a nice little foil pouch.

These pouches are a great invention.  I keep one in my purse at all times along with a little plastic fork.  One of the things I tell people who are trying to clean up their diets in an attempt to get healthy or lose weight is that hunger is the enemy!  Anyone can grit it out feeling hungry and deprived (probably light-headed and grouchy too) for a while but eventually, they’re going to cave in. Better to eat smaller amounts of good, lean protein and complex carbs, often, than calorie restrict to the point of discomfort.  I don’t go around hungry.  I eat!  I just make good choices when I do and don’t stuff myself to the bursting point.  That’s why I love those little pouches.  You can hide them anywhere, they don’t take up a lot of room, they travel well and as an added bonus, nobody is going to think you’re eating cat food!

Uh oh!


4 responses

  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing26 your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!…

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been having a good time putting my thoughts in this blog now and then. The gym is such a big part of my life and all kinds of funny/interesting things go on there. Very happy you enjoyed reading some of my posts!

  2. That’s Uh Oh! Hilarious!

    1. Al…I have so many stories from my classroom days. I sure loved those kids. Every day was a fresh new challenge and wonderful fun! Happy Friday!

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