Looking Absolicious

Yes, that’s right…I make up my own words.  According to educational research, it’s a sign of great intelligence and I’m a big supporter of research I agree with.

I love the way a nice set of abs look on both men and women.  Please note that although most the photos I’ve included are of women, the exercises I recommend here are for everyone.  I just think women with distinct abs are a little more impressive because it’s so rare. 

The first and most important factor in revealing a washboard stomach is making sure your bodyfat is low enough to show abdominal muscles under the skin.  Women, by nature, simply hang on to bodyfat more stubbornly than men.  We tend to be a lot softer and fluffier in many stubborn areas….like the neck down.  I’ll reserve comment on the legendary hardness of some of our heads.  It doesn’t really matter how strong your midsection is or how many abdominal exercises you do it won’t show if you’re not relatively lean.  That’s a simple fact that there’s no getting around.  Think about what some of the strongest people in the world look like.

Think about the bodytype of many professional strongmen…

Now how about weightlifters….male and female?

All of these top performing athletes have incredible abdominal strength and muscle but there’s no way to see their abs under the amount of bodyfat they’re carrying.  Neither of these sports have any sort of emphasis on physique.  They are raw power pursuits and this is the appropriate combination of muscle/fat to accomplish their goals. 

There’s a saying in the physique world that says ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN.  That’s true to a great extent.  Lower your bodyfat and you’ll reveal the abdominal muscles underneath.  This is accomplished through diet and of course cardiovascular exercise.  It’s a can’t miss combination.  Add to cardio and diet the following abs exercises designed to strengthen and define the muscles of your midsection and you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

My all time favorite abdominal exercises are Floor Wipers and Russian Twists using a medicine ball.  The Floor Wipers are a little hard to describe in words so I’ve included a short video to show the proper technique. http://youtu.be/VQLtfH9clx4 

When doing the Floor Wipers, I use a 45lb barbell.  You can go lighter or heavier.  I think of it as a weight to hold my shoulders to the floor so that I can do the exercise without slipping around.  I don’t allow my feet to touch the floor at any time.  When I go back to the middle, I hold my feet just a couple inches off the ground.  This makes it a little more challenging and in my opinion more effective. 

The following video shows how to do the Russian Twist. http://youtu.be/KtDH26PvGV4

When I do it, I use a 12lb medicine ball or a 12lb-15lb dumbbell to increase the intensity. 

If you can’t see your abs right now but you want to, work on lowering your bodyfat through diet and cardio and add these abdominal exercises to your routine.  Soon you’ll be seeing those lovely, elusive abdominal lumps and bumps.

Abs in my natural habitat

Abs in the studio…my unnatural habitat

***This post is dedicated to one of our best American sons…a Warrior with the heart of a lion, who first introduced me to Floor Wipers and this song  http://youtu.be/pNHlVo0cPa8. ***


6 responses

  1. Hi Lynn! Amazing abs Girl! You Rock ! Beautiful 🙂

    1. Beautiful Sunbem!! You came to see me. I’m delighted and thank you, as always for your wonderful, kind comment!!

  2. Lynn with makeup…. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!

    ps- who is the track girl? i think i fell in love.

    1. I know!! Make up…and I combed my hair…it was exhausting…all that primping like a girl. Lol….I don’t know who the track girl is but I agree, she’s beautiful. I just used photos from Google images. I can tell you I never looked that good when I ran track!!

  3. Another excellent post! If you ask me, you has an stunning body! You Rock!

    1. Thank you kindly!! Wishing you a beautiful, sunny, happy Sunday!

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