Things That Float My Boat

Early yesterday morning I was up enjoying a good cup of hot coffee and playing around on my iPad. I checked into the WordPress blog stats section because they’ve recently added a nifty list that tells what search engine terms have directed people to your blog.  It’s a rather interesting little list.  You can’t adjust it or influence it in any way and to be honest I have no earthly idea how the Internet gods connect me or my photos to search engine terms but the list is fun to look at.  For some reason it kinda floats my boat.

Imagine my surprise when among the more mundane terms like wide grip pullups,  Floor Wiper muscles worked and female abs was something that sparked my curiosity.  It said Marine Corps sniper motivational.  I decided to go to Google and look it up myself.  I didn’t see anything of note until I looked in the images section.

I discovered not one but two of my photos as I scrolled through the images.  See me there….surrounded by Marines?  Now that floats my boat!

There I am…twice…

If I’d known my picture was going to be included under such a cool heading I would have made it a point to style my hair or put on some artfully applied make up….I suppose it’s a testament to my desire to look reasonably decent in my photos that I actually take off my black baseball cap.   Lemme tell ya all that fussing with blow dryers, curling irons, hairspray, spackle…I mean foundation, cheek color and eyebrow pencil is exhausting.  It’s not my thing. Let’s just say I lack skill in that area. For example, the first and only time I tried easy-on eyelashes I managed to glue the corner of my left eye closed. That looked especially nice.  If I knew I was going to be ensconced among Snipers, tagged as motivation no less,  I might have posted something more like this.

A new one for the Marine Corps snipers and everybody else too…

Or maybe this

Waving my flag for the Marine Corps

On second thought, look at those Snipers.  It seems they’re working hard, probably covered with sweat, dirt, grime and some of them with vegetation…..but enough with the sexy talk, I’m getting off track. What I’m trying to say is maybe, just maybe I could get away with wearing my baseball cap and that sure floats my boat.

On another note, if I ever did serve as a little morale booster for a Marine or any of our Soldiers, Sailors or Airmen, if anything I posted ever provided a pleasing distraction during quiet times in unpleasant places, if any of my photos elicited a smile then I can happily say mission accomplished…and that really, really floats my boat!


27 responses

  1. It floats my boat, too, especially the first one!

  2. Listen here my spider monkey! I totally love that you support all of us Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and yes, even those Air Force folks! LOL! Anyway, I am not sure I lovin’ how much love you are giving my Marine brothers! Hahaha, just playin! How are you doing? Been out of touch for a while…trust you are doing well.

    1. Ah ha…while the Jay’s away the monkey will play! Lol…Hi Wonderful Jay! All is well on this front although I do miss you. I don’t check into that often and when I do it’s just to switch a photo. It’s still so slow. It drives me crazy. Workouts are going really well although I’m too skinny for my tastes right now. Holiday eating ought to take care of it. If I lift hard, I always gain muscle around this time of year. I guess the extra calories help. Happy Monday to you…hope all your loved ones on the East Coast are doing well…

  3. Hey Doc, AMAZING pics. Thought my screen was going to melt. Hot! Thanks as always for your encouragement and support. You’re truly awesome both in pictures and words. Stay Strong. Semper Fi….

    1. Hi! Well thank you…glad you liked my effort to look like a woman instead of my usual tomboy style. I have to say I do enjoy “dressing up” once in a while. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Gym has been good this week…pushing a little harder because…because…well, it’s time. You know what I mean. You push hard for a while, then coast for a minute and then push hard again. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!!

      1. You’ve always looked like a woman. A strong, confident, woman. You just also happen to look as pretty as a morning glory at sunrise. Have a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend. Thanks again for the motivation and support. Don’t give Gym any rest he’s mean SOB…. lol Stay Strong!

  4. Hi Lynn! The You are the Best Girl! Great pic and Amazing Model 🙂 You Rock Lynn 🙂

    1. Sunbem…you always have the best compliments for me and I love and appreciate them. Hope your days are going well. I can’t believe my boys are almost finished with their football seasons. The older one has two games left and the younger one has a playoff game on Sat. Been having fun watching the pro games too…bet you’re enjoying them right along with me. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Beautiful pics Lynn. So very beautiful! Keep rockin it!!!

    1. Hi Matt! Hope you’re doing well these days. I’ve settled into a nice fall routine and things are going smoothly. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Happy Tuesday over there!

  6. Special request!! Can we get some for the November…please

    1. Oh…I’m not sure what you’d like to see. Do you want some specific new pictures in my blog next month? Let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with.

      1. Sorry, I meant to say Navy…

      2. Oh…yes! I have one blog entry here devoted to the SEAL teams…but I can sure come up with something new. It may take me a little while but I’ll post something with you in mind.

      3. …something new…sorry, I pressed reply too soon. Any particular rank, job, team, group etc you’d like to see represented?

  7. That first flag pic fooled me until i saw the unveiling…my heart was racing lol…gorgeous…so beautiful from head to toe Dr Lynn

    1. Thank you Artie! I’m glad you liked the photos…see, I clean up pretty well. Lol…Hope all is well and that your workouts are fun and productive these days. I had a great time in the gym this morning. Did 150 lunges as part of my workout. Bet I’ll be feeling it tomorrow!

      1. Yes i love the photos and looking forward to the next…yes you are definitely look squeaky clean and smoothhhh like a baby’s …

      2. Lol…Artie! Glad you like the photos. A little something different for me…first time I didn’t take the pictures myself. That made things a little easier to be sure! I can tell you I’m feeling those lunges today…a little sore but I like it. Wishing you a wonderful day!

      3. Great job on the lunges

  8. Very cool!

    I personally like seeing when someone has searched for my blog specifically

    1. That stat page is pretty interesting. The feature where you can see how many folks have visited from the United States and then from other countries is fun to look at too. Who would have thought someone from Bosnia or Fiji was reading my blog?!? Sending you wishes for a happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead!

  9. Thank You! Semper Fi

    1. Well…I should say thank YOU…Hope your week is off to a great start. I know you work hard out there so I’m sending you wishes for quiet days. Happy Monday Al!

  10. your pictures in Word of a bring a smile to the face of paramedics and firefighters

    1. Beautiful Pat!! Hello, hello…I was so excited to hear from you. Delighted that you stopped by. I’ll come see you on next time I’m there (probably tomorrow) and we can catch up!

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