An Open Letter To Charlie Woods, Father Of Tyrone Woods (1971-2012)


I heard you speak this morning.  Your words touched my heart and so, as I am occasionally compelled to do, I’ve gathered my disparate thoughts, crystallized them, shaped them and now I offer them back, polished up as a small token in memory of your beloved son.

The best and most powerful way for humankind to learn is through stories…the recounting of events in times of trouble and the remembrance of protagonists who through their own free will were compelled to act to change a course of events despite overwhelming odds.

The theme that binds the heroes of these stories together, the common thread, is always a personality that though marked with some human frailty (as we all are) is also imbued with an unshakeable sense of honor, duty and a willingness to proceed forward to action when others could or would not.

These are men that I say have a golden heart, a heart that in the clutch points true north to guide and inform their conduct.  These men will fight…they do fight but more than just fighting against an enemy they fight for something.  They fight for their friends, for their compatriots, they fight for principles; to protect the weak, to shield the innocent, to stem the tide of evil…and that is what makes all the difference.  That is ultimately what ensures victory whether they survive the battle or not.

I did not know your son in this life but I now know a piece of his story as do countless others.  We will carry it with us and it will undoubtedly help bolster our own resolve to stand should we be called upon. His story makes us better…and stronger.  He left a record of magnificent courage, a legacy, a precious gift for those who heard what unfolded that night. It is in this way that true valor and the flame of righteousness remains strong and continues to thrive in the realm of men.

God bless you, your family, Tyrone’s loved ones and all those who stand in your circle….


***Why, why, why is this here?  Well, there are times when something is placed upon my heart and I feel the need to express a response in words.  I don’t know Charlie Woods or have any way to contact him but I still wanted to say my piece.  Thank you for understanding.  Thank you for indulging me when I go all off topic and down a different road for a minute.  My next entry shall return to the normally scheduled broadcasting…***


2 responses

  1. Beautiful post! You can’t begin to imagine my utter disappointment in our failure to protect our brothers (and civilians) in places that they are in danger! Thank you for your amazing support and we all mourn the loss of this warrior!

    1. Hi Jay! I just felt I had to say something about this matter…

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