The Great Camo Coverup

Women’s magazines are forever publishing articles about how to properly camouflage our figures.  The idea is that there is some magic combination of shirts, pants, skirts and dresses that will make it appear that you have a great figure underneath your garments when in fact you despise what you see in the mirror when you’re standing there naked.

There are so many articles and books devoted to this subject, it’s hard to believe. I wonder how well camouflage actually hides those awful figure flaws?  Let’s take a look.

After careful examination, I don’t think camouflage works to hide those flaws….but perhaps I misunderstood.   Maybe that’s not the kind of camouflage the articles are referring to.  Maybe THIS is the kind of camouflage they meant!

I do understand how this could help hide your figure although I see a problem wearing it out.  What if you had to go to the mall or something?  All that hang-y stuff might get caught in the escalator.  You could end up  tangled in the machinery at the bottom.  The EMT’s would have to cut that thing off you and you’d wind up naked to the world….and that would definitely reveal your figure flaws!

How about forget the camouflage and just take steps to get your body into some sort of reasonable physical condition so you don’t have to worry about hiding all the time?  Fretting about what to wear to cover up what you don’t want seen is frustrating , depressing…and a losing battle.  The truth is that despite what the books and articles say you can’t truly hide much. Your body always tells the eye an honest story about nutrition, caloric intake and physical conditioning.  My advice is to cover up if it helps you feel better while you’re actually DOING something about it.  You’re not going to feel happy until you’re comfortable with what you see in the mirror.  Those books and articles should advise a little walk around the track and a sound eating plan to go along with the camouflage!

Honey! Tell the truth….Does this camo make me look fat?


17 responses

  1. Sorry for creeping your blog, Lynnie, but I thought I had read all of your posts. Love that last photo!!!!!

    1. You can come hang out here anytime. I love that you visit and enjoy what you find. You’re wonderful company and always welcome! Hope you’re having an excellent week.

      1. Thank you, Lynn. 🙂 I hope that your week is going well, too!

  2. WOW!!!! You look SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE REST!!!!!

    1. Ah….you know what? I think I have a soft spot in your heart but I’m all for unfair competition if I’m the winner!! Thank you so much…once again you’ve got me walking around with a big grin on my face! Happy, happy Thursday!!

  3. Nice shoes…as always!

    1. Ah!! You like? Those are more of my sitting shoes! Lol…not easy actually trying to get somewhere in those!

  4. Too Funny! and true…

    1. Hi Duane…glad to you stopped by!

  5. Lynn…wow..picking my mouth off the physique …you look sizzling good with and without camouflage..with all due respect..just saying

    1. Artie! Made me laugh…thank you. I had an excellent week in the gym and I’m looking forward to the next. Starting to look for some new goals to chase…Happy Sunday!!

  6. you got the best body of em all. 🙂

    1. Oh…you’re a sweet thing! Thank you! Wishing you a very happy Sunday and a fantastic week ahead!

  7. You look Terrific on cammo!!!

    1. Thank you Al! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. I didn’t workout this weekend (that’s normal) but I really went at my biceps/triceps late in the week…they’re still sore! Hope your workouts are going well too!

  8. Lynn you are rocking the camouflage! I salute you.

    1. Well thank you! I’m a big ham, that’s for sure! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying this pretty weekend!

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