Adding Years And Teasing Vikings

November is my birthday month and as I have for the last few years I took a photo (or two) to commemorate the day.  I like to think my annual photo helps keeps me on the straight and narrow.  Who wants to see an unflattering side by side comparison of themselves from one year to the next?  My philosophy is that although you can’t stop time, you can age with grace.   To me that includes making sure my physical body stays as strong, flexible and functional as possible.

Birthday Photo 2009

Birthday photo 2010

Birthday Photo 2011

And now here we have the official photo for this year…

Birthday Photo 2012

Another birthday photo 2012

I remember when I turned 37 and I got into a conversation about my birthday with a big Viking at the gym.  He wasn’t really a Viking of course but he looked exactly like one in my imagination.  He was very tall, muscular, had a big, bushy reddish mustache and beard and long hair.  He didn’t smile much so he looked pretty intimidating on the surface but he was sweet as sugar.  I told him I wasn’t concerned about adding another year and that I felt great.  As I was walking away I left him with a little quip….”I’ve still got juice!”  I can’t say what exact image that put in his mind but he honest-to-goodness blushed and got this little wicked/uncomfortable grin on his face.  For some reason that made me laugh, just thinking about what he was thinking and I took that saying on as my personal motto.

Here I am twelve years later, still in the gym, still enjoying pushing myself and in case you were wondering…I’ve still got juice!

*Just to celebrate, I did 300 weighted, walking lunges (75 at a time…holding a 10lb dumbbell in each hand) around the basketball court. See?  Still got it!*


26 responses

  1. Sorry we missed ur birthday! but please take our late wishes none the less. Looking great! Hows your strength program coming along

    1. Hi! My goodness, these years keep rolling around more and more quickly. All the more reason to keep myself in the gym! I’m currently treading water…not making much progress but holding steady. Doing some heavy reps to take advantage of the extra caloric intake this time of year. In January, I’ll switch gears and set some new goals. Glad you stopped by!

  2. loved this one!

    1. Hi there and thank you so much! I definitely need to concentrate a little more on shoulders…and I will in the days ahead. I sure hope you’re doing well and feeling good. Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  3. Nice post you have here, I will definitely be following you. Please do the same if you see fit too.
    Have a great night
    Isaac Hall

    1. Well hello! Nice to meet you and delighted you enjoyed my post. I’ll follow you too!

  4. Happy Birthday month to my favorite spider monkey

    1. La, la, la…little monkey is becoming awful-er with age! The older I get the more I just say what I want..and do what I want. Hmmmmm…I think I’m only going to wear purple from now on. Looks good against my fur. Lol….It’s been a great month. I’m loving my time in the gym and as always I’m pushing myself in different ways. I’m currently on a heavy lifting rotation and I’ll keep doing the same thing until January. After that I’ll reassess and decide what to do next. Hop all is well over there and that you’re having a great start to your weekend!

  5. sure that u do like a very fine wine u r

    1. Hello! Happy weekend to you..and thank you for the lovely compliment. Gym time has been great lately. I added a couple new exercises a month ago and I think I’m seeing some results. Always gratifying to make a change that WORKS. Hope your workouts have been fun and productive. Wishing you a great couple of days ahead…

  6. happy birthday and what a.birthday suit.

    1. Pat!! Hi there and happy Saturday to you. Thanks for the birthday wishes. These things keep happening…at least once a year. Weird! Trying to see if I can figure out how to keep the celebration and ditch the adding age part.

  7. Happy Bday…you are super gorgeous ..amazing and hot…amazing body…and good looking job…my heart stop biting that shirt on the pic…lol…and the pic with the hat..OMG


    1. Hi Artie! Happy Saturday over there. Hope you’re enjoying your morning. Thank you for your always kind comments. This is a day off the gym for me…a rest day. I was thinking about going on a nice walk later since the weather is cooperating. It’s so pretty out. I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym on Monday. It’ll be back day and that’s one of my favorite days in the gym. Always thought it would be nice if I liked training legs as much as I do training back. Lol…

      1. Well keep training the legs like your awesome back…your legs are coming along great ..see the separation of muscles in them..yeahhh

      2. I’m trying Artie! I probably need a quad workout tomorrow or Sunday…keep me on track! Thanks for the pat on the back…much appreciated!

  8. You look stunning as usual

    1. You are SO kind! Thank you…I have to say I’ve been really enjoying my gym time lately. I’m currently on a heavy lifting rotation and I’ll just keep it up until January. After that I’ll reassess and make a new goal or two. I saw a crossfit gym in town…not saying I WILL but I’m thinking about giving it a try…we shall see…Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday my friend! God bless you. You look fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m hanging in here…loving my gym time and keeping up the competition with myself. It’s looking like a pretty day here…bright blue skies and sunshine so I’ll try to get a little walk/hike in later. I keep thinking that the cloudy/dreary/wet days are on the way so I want to take advantage of the nice days while they’re here. Hope you’re having an excellent start to your weekend!

  10. It looks like your gotten more and more beautiful and flawless as time as passed Lynn. You are one beautiful woman, my jaw just dropped! I would love to see you compete one day.

    1. Adom! Hi and thank you so much! How about I just wear a competition outfit but don’t actually do the competition. I DO love all those sequins and sparkles!! I could just wear my suit around my house. Hmmmm….a good outfit to make breakfast in, don’t you think? Happy weekend to you!

  11. Speechless. That be me. Queen BSC indeed. Beautiful, Sexy and Classy in every way. I look forward to every November for more than one reason now. Keep rockin it my BSC FFL:)

    1. Hi Matt! You always have me smiling. Hope this Saturday finds you happy and relaxed. The Christmaas crazy schedule seems to be ramping up for me. There are lots of weekend social obligations but I’m still managing to carve out some time to put my feet up over the weekends. Monday it’s back to the gym!

  12. Congratulations! I wish you the best. You are just like good wine!

    1. Thank you Al! Happy Saturday! Hope you’re having a nice day so far. It’s beautiful here so I might go for a long walk later…I think I should take advantage of the pretty days while we have them!

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