Beautiful Shoulders


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I’d like a soft, red wool sweater with a snowflake design, a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobel, a 1000 lumens tactical flashlight  and really pretty shoulders.

Shoulders with a little muscle on them look great on men and women alike.  One caveat for you men, however….If you train your shoulders hard your underwear may start to show and you’ll suddenly find yourself compelled to frolic  in the water at the beach.

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On second thought Santa,

If you take care of the rest of my list I’ll take care of my shoulders.  Nice shoulders are one of those things you have to earn.  You can’t buy them and you can’t get them as a gift from someone else.  I have a few great shoulder exercises in my repertoire.  Below I’ve included a link for a very high quality video of me performing one of them.  It looks like a very easy exercise but give it a try.

When you pause while performing the motion, make sure to come to a complete stop before continuing.  It makes a big difference in the effectiveness.  This is a great finishing exercise but you can also use it as a warm up at the beginning of your workout.


I’ll certainly be spending some quality time this Christmas season working on these shoulders of mine!


13 responses

  1. When I grow up I want nice shoulders! Still hitting the gym like crazy trying to grow these tiny little muscles.

    1. By the way, you have some fairly nice shoulders…for a spider monkey!

      1. Hi Jay!! Happy Friday and happy weekend too! I’ve been doing a bit more cardio than usual so I’m watching carefully for decreased muscle mass…which I definitely see. As soon as January rolls around I’ll implement a new plan. I need more work on shoulders and a lot of work on biceps. Biceps are looking puny lately…poor, tiny monkey…

    2. You know…I have no way of knowing how you look lately. I think I need to see. More photos? For Christmas? How about one of YOU frolicking on the beach? For me…the sweet and precious spider monkey?

  2. Lol – why do I think this post was a partial excuse to post those lovely pictures of boys in their underpants???! Either way, thanks. And you already have beautiful shoulders

    1. Oh…aren’t those boys pretty? I had to look at each one a looooong time before deciding if I wanted to include their photo in my post. Tough duty but visuals on a blog are important….lol. I think some of my increased cardio has decreased my mass. I’m going to put some real emphasis on shoulders and biceps right after Christmas to see if I can bring them up a little. Hope you’re doing well and that your week is ending on a nice note. Happy weekend!!

  3. Awesome shoulder exercise! As for the video great form, lovely physique and a heart melting smile:) UROCK! Keep on inspiring my beautiful friend….

    1. Hi Matt! Thank you. I like that exercise a lot. It really does look so easy but it makes my shoulders burn! I found a machine at the gym that I’ve never used before for presses and I liked the way it felt to use it. I’ll be revisiting it soon. I want boulder-shoulders! Lol Happy, happy Friday over there!

  4. Your shoulders are nice… I know we always want more.. BTW, Awesome list! 😉

    1. Hi Al! You like my Christmas list? Looking forward to getting my flashlight in particular…well, all the things on my list. I think I’ve been pretty good so Santa just might grant my wish. How are you doing? I know you’re always working hard in and out of the gym. Hope things have been low key and smooth. Happy weekend!

  5. I am working on shoulders too..will post progress later sometime on Also, working on back and arms more.

    1. We’ll do shoulders together…see what we can make happen over the next months. I want mine to be bigger and rounder. Lol…always on the hunt! Can’t wait to see your new photos. It’s fun to have a look at progress…motivates me! Happy Friday!

      1. Yes I want bigger shoulders and everything lol…getting there..yes photos do motivate…yours them

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