Reason #137 To Stay Strong

…Because you never know when your rucksack is going to weigh 110lbs

What's in YOUR rucksack?

What’s in YOUR rucksack?


12 responses

  1. Once again another BSC (beautiful, sexy and classy) pic not to mention that lovely heart-melting smile:) I have a strange urge for warm milk (our inside code…smile). Keep rockin it LL:)

    1. Oh thank you!! Yes…warm milk. It means I’m doing my job! Lol…hope all is well and that you’re enjoying a nice start to the week!

  2. would carry that any time

    1. Thank you!! Glad you wouldn’t leave me by the side of the road. Lol…wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. Flawless & beautiful …i see those shoulders getting round

    1. Thank you Artie! I AM working on them…we’ll see what happens in a few months…

  4. Hey Doc, I must be packing my pack wrong. I’ve never had anything that good come outta my pack…lol. The reason rings true though. Need to be ready to carry the load and sometimes your buddy to.

    1. Hiya Dawg! That’s right. Funny, I don’t have any of those “written into the job” types of responsibilities but I always keep one thought in the back of my mind…should there be trouble of any kind, I strongly prefer to be the helper, not the one who needs help. I’d like to be capable if called upon. I always reflect upon those folks in Hurricane Katrina, who had no physical ability to help themselves..often terribly obese and only able to sit and wait for someone to come to the rescue. So sad to willingly allow yourself to deteriorate like that. Age will eventually do it but gee, you don’t have to help it along!

  5. at age 54 and have to consistently hump rucksacks and carry heavy machine guns with ammo, with kids half my age, you are spot on. Airborne!

    1. Ah see…that’s why you’re fabulous. You’re not about to settle for the glue factory. Me either…not going there anytime soon! Keep showing those babies what’s what!

  6. You look stunning!!!

    1. Thank you Al! Now and again I try and put my best face forward. Lol…Today it’s back to normal…black baseball cap and a long sleeved black t-shirt! Ah…so comfortable!

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