Firm Over Flab, Muscle Over Jello

A couple of days ago I saw the following photo on Facebook.
  It was posted by a company that I go to on occasion to get military shirts for tribute photos.  I ‘ve seen this posted before and I like it so I left a comment.  The administrator wrote back saying “you look like a very patriotic swimmer” which was a reference to my current profile photo.
My current profile photo

My current profile photo

I thought the comment was nice so I returned the note and let them know I liked the selection of shirts they offered. A while later the administrator told me to feel free to post any photos I had wearing one of their shirts.  I chose one, posted it and then…then….nothing.  Not one like, not one single comment.
This is the photo I posted on the Facebook page for the store where I bought the shirt.  Nobody there liked it...but the soldier I posted it for in the first place thought it was pretty nifty and he told me his team liked my photo too (he didn't actually use the word nifty but you get the idea) so I'm happy!

This is the photo I posted on the Facebook page for the store where I bought the shirt. Nobody there liked it…but the soldier I posted it for in the first place thought it was pretty nifty and he told me his team liked my photo too (he didn’t actually use the word nifty but you get the idea) so I’m happy!

Now this page has over 6500 people who see what’s posted there.  I contemplated the possibility that I’d recently become hideous, misshapen, somehow horrible to look upon and then I decided to try an experiment.  The next morning I posted the very same photo on my own Facebook page.  I only have about 200 people  who see my page but in one hour I had 23 likes and many kind comments.  Just as I suspected, the audience makes a huge difference in response.  The vast majority of the people who could see the photo I posted on my page are fitness enthusiasts.  They run, bike, lift and eat with good nutrition in mind.  They know what it takes to create and maintain a lean physique with a bit of muscle on it…especially for a female….year round… who’s over 40.  I do know what type of female physique the majority of the population approves of.  It looks something like the following couple of photos.
These pretty women are smooth, slight and a little wispy.  That’s certainly nice to look at but my goodness, what you see there is God-given, a genetic gift…and hardly ever earned.   Incidentally, many models chain smoke cigarettes, take diet pills and starve to maintain that figure into their late twenties.  This look represents the wonderfully alluring, irreplaceable bloom of youth,  the sort of physical beauty that ripens, shines and then rather quickly fades away.  Look carefully at the women around you who are over 30.  Look critically (and surreptitiously of course…I don’t want to get you into trouble). Study their physiques.  What do you see?   You’ll find the  vast majority are very soft and completely lacking definition.  Even the thin women tend to be skinny-fat meaning they appear slender in clothing but they are still carrying a high percentage of body fat.  Don’t tell me about the one woman you know who doesn’t fit the description, there are exceptions to every rule, just concentrate on the majority of the population.  Not such a pretty picture is it?  Ladies and gentlemen,  lean muscle is the antidote to the sagging , bagging, loose flesh look that starts showing up at about 30 if you’re not exercising regularly.  I find the human body, male or female,  much more pleasing when it’s being challenged physically on a regular basis.  Give me firm over flab, muscle over jello.  If you think like the majority of the population I guess you’re relegated to  thinking a female physique is only acceptable or appealing if it looks like the typical model. By extension this means a tight but definitely not muscular, thin female between the ages of say 18 and 28.  I think that’s a fine look but I hold even more appreciation for women with a little muscle on their frame, who have a beautiful physique they’ve sculpted with sport or intensive work and attention.  To me it’s a timeless sort of appeal, rare and lovely to behold.  I love the look of the following women. Isn’t there room to appreciate both the prototypical model physique AND a more fitness oriented physique?
Belinda is over 40 and I think she looks wonderful.

Belinda is over 40 and I think she looks wonderful.

 I guess the upshot of it is I’ve learned yet again that I’m a bit out of step with the mainstream (and quite happy about it).  I have a certain orientation toward exercise, the human physique and muscle.  I’m delighted to have made friends here, on and at the gym who share my vision.  It’s a wonderful thing to have a little company on this fitness journey of mine.
Just for grins, I decided to take a couple photos to horrify Mr and Mrs John Q Public while I was at the gym this morning…
A woman with a bicep...shocking!

A woman with a bicep…shocking!

Oh!  Now what do we have here?  More awful muscle...

Oh! Now what do we have here? More of that awful muscle…


20 responses

  1. Hi my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing, nice written and include approximately all significant infos.
    I would like to look extra posts like this .

    1. Thanks for stopping by…

  2. I also love your “awful” muscle! Quite a while back before actually reading your post I actually did look at the general population as you encourage people to do. It was after being on bodyspace for awhile seeing women who actually work out with weights and build muscle (something that I of course highly approve of). Comparing them with women in general population who do none of that, I knew right that second, that I totally 100% prefer a woman who lifts weights. I know you will keep lifting forever! And I am so glad! 🙂

    1. It’s interesting when you look with a discerning eye…not mean or derisive just critical in terms of physique. You just don’t see many people who use their bodies in any kind of challenging way. I happen to like a “body in use”….and honest to goodness I feel like a million dollars when I do get my workouts in and much more stressed and anxious when I don’t. I LOVE the way it makes me feel….

      1. i always get inspired reading your blogs. thanks doc.

      2. So glad to hear it! I do have a passion for the gym life. Lol…Hope you’re doing well these days. The craziness of the holiday schedule is gone and I’m back to a solid routine.

  3. I love your “awful muscle”…

    1. …and I love Wonderful Jaylicious who puts up with spider monkey nonsense!

  4. Great article, I am getting into my fitness now and realise in order to keepa life long sexy physique, gaining muscle is the way to go and by keeping a higher ratio of lean body mass to fat, it will help many other aspects of my appearance. Not to mention the diet alone optimizes everything and helps you age graciously. I hope i have a rocking body leaving up to my forties and well into my sixties…

    1. Yes! Life long sexy physique…that’s what I’m talking about. You do have to age but there’s no reason to just fall apart. You can still be strong and firm. Hit the gym and you most definitely will have a rocking body. No doubt about it!

  5. Good post, I believe people in general not all, are intimidated by women who weight train (seriously) & men who train seriously as well. Its unfortunate.

    1. Thank you! I think you might be right. It’s funny, it’s been a lifestyle for me for so long I just forget that it’s not “normal”. Glad you stopped by. I LOVE your blog!

      1. Awe thanks Lynn for the love. You know what the funny thing is? We get alot of hits/visits daily but hardly any likes or comments. Along this same subject, is if we had lost our weight by running or marathon ing, would more people be apt to like or comment? Does our weight training transformation intimidate? Can they not relate? Very similar thoughts like you shared in this post. The workout pics we share, are what keeps us healthy and but it seems although many people view the website, they just cant relate? oh well, we’re glad you show love! ha ha

      2. I think a lot of people believe weight training is too much of a challenge and should be left in the arena of “strongmen” types…particularly for women. Many women still think that using weights will automatically make them look like Phil Heath. We know better but it seems a strange world to some…

  6. Great blog. Awesome “Good Morning” pic! As for your pics, loving the add buffness. You look amazing as always. Keep rockin it!

    1. Hi Matt! I like that Good Morning photo a lot! I’m so excited to follow your journey to the stage…matter of fact, i’m thinking you should post a few photos. You know…just so I can see how you’re progressing!

  7. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much! Happy Saturday!

  8. Marine Corps 4 years!! Great Picture and thank you for noticing the men and women who serve great post!!

    1. Well! A Marine…another reason to like you! Very nice…delighted that you stopped by.

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