Pest Control


One morning a week or so ago, I had finished my workout and then I headed over to the grocery store (which is practically next door) for a few items before going home.  I happened to be wearing my Force  Recon shirt that day.

Oh lookie here, I'm all dressed up for the gym in my typical fashionista style!

Oh lookie here, I’m all dressed up for the gym in my typical fashionista style!

Now it was pretty cold outside but I was still hot having just finished my workout and since it was going to be a quick trip, I didn’t bother to put on any additional clothing.

I headed to the deli counter and then had to wait a couple of minutes for the clerk to slice some turkey for me.  While I was standing there wondering if a grocery store could really make green chile the right way a man sidled up next to me.  He leaned in close and said “You’re brave to come out like that.”  Then he added “You look reeeeaaaalllll good” in an exaggerated, icky sort of way.  He glanced at me up and down and then stopped when he saw the Force Reconnaissance badge on my shirt.  I swear, he recoiled and then said “OH MY GOD! Your husband could probably hunt me down and skin me before lunch!   Sorry!”  With that he lurched off leaving me shocked but quite happy that he was gone.


Imagine that!  Cockblocking by force of reputation alone.  Got to love it….I’m STILL laughing.



4 responses

  1. You want me to hunt the creepy guy down anyway? Creepers are…well, creepy!

    1. Ah! Don’t mess with Jay’s monkey! Lol….he sure beat it out of there. What a nut! Hope you’re having a good week. I’ve been having great workouts but I don’t want to stop eating. Just one more chip….one more….

  2. Another great post… Awosome shirt! Semper Fidelis

    1. Thanks! I love this shirt…it has very cool artwork on the back (a skeleton with a boonie hat). It was created by the same guy who did the Pararescue shirt.

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