Sage Advice

The sentiment is obvious but worthy of repeating…



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  1. You are awesome as ususal…

    1. Thanks Jay! Hope you’re doing well today. I got a slow start in the gym this morning but I finished well. I’m doing some extra push ups at home (keeping a tally to see how many I can do over the course of the next hour or two). Little monkeys need big chests! Wait…that came out wrong. Lol!

  2. I totally agree and I can see you truly represent this quote perfectly 🙂

    1. Thank you Matt! I’m thinking about you as this last Sunday of football approaches. Gee…what are we going to do without football? I’m a 49ers fan from WAAAAAYYYY back so I’m rooting for them all the way!

      1. Well being a Cowboy fan I can like the last several years only wish for a great Super Sunday watching other teams…lol. Good luck to your 49ers 🙂

      2. Go Niners! Niners-Cowboys used to be a great rivalry way back!

  3. I’m so glad that u take care of yous 🙂

    1. Thanks Vinny. I also want to thank you for letting me know my link wasn’t working. I’m trying to master a new phone and my goodness uploading a video is quite complicated. My old phone made it very easy! I think I got it fixed…I published a revised version just a couple minutes ago. Happy Tuesday!

  4. So True! You look Beautiful Lynn😀

    1. Sunbem! Well hello my friend! SO happy you stopped by and left me a note. As you know I think you’re great and I’m always delighted to touch base. Hope all is well your way. Almost the end of the football season…boo!

    1. Hi Adom!! Hope you’re having an excellent day. I’m filling my day with push ups…going to try to do 100 in the next hour or so…

  5. So true.. You look fantastic

    1. Artie..thank you…and thank you for letting me know my link wasn’t working. I believe I found the problem and got it fixed…I hope!

  6. Of course it’s worth it!

    1. Hi! Thanks for letting my know the last blog article I published didn’t have a working link. I just put up a new one so it should be fixed…

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