Revised Shoulder Training Post…With Working Video Link (I Hope, I Hope, I Hope)

I got a new phone last week and I”m still trying to figure out how to upload video from it properly.  With my old phone it was an easy process…not so with the new one.  Apparently I can upload video to YouTube but regardless of what I designate the viewer settings to be on the phone, it uploads as private.  It also won’t allow me to add a real title or tags or descriptions (although it asks for that information).  I’ve learned I have to do that from my computer.  Now that I know how it works, I should be able to get video onto my blog properly.  Thanks for your patience… 

I’m always on a quest to find new things to incorporated into my workouts.  First,  it keeps things fresh and interesting and second, taxing the body a little differently (not doing the same thing over and over) leads to better results.

Not too long ago I was reading a blog and the author was talking about doing handstand push ups. I decided that I’d like to add them to my routine.  I’m all for trying anything  that will help me in my quest to improve my shoulders. I want them to be full and round.


O.K.  Maybe not that full but you know what I mean.

I took a video of my first attempt…for your viewing pleasure.

One warning…Don’t wear a regular skirt on the day you decide to do these unless you’re home alone…otherwise you could suffer an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

Don't wear this to the gym on the day you decide to do handstand push ups!
Don’t wear this to the gym on the day you decide to do handstand push ups!

13 responses

  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been doing handstand negatives for months trying to work up to pushups. Good luck in reaching 25!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you…I’m even more excited about getting to the magic 25 than I was before. I just saw a video of a woman doing handstand push ups and alternating them with cleans (135lbs) over the weekend. It got my competitive juices flowing. I want to do that! first I’ll have to learn how the heck to do cleans but he part I CAN start working on is getting my push ups into the higher numbers!

  2. I just love your up beat sprit, not to over look how strong you are.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I DO have fun. I always like a challenge. I’m going to keep trying to improve those handstand push ups so that one day I’ll be able to do sets of 25. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying all your workouts!

  3. I love this exercise, really pushes the shoulders

    1. I’m going to keep them in the rotation for a while. I want to see if I can progress to sets of 25. I like having new challenges and hopefully they’ll help in my pursuit of beautiful, strong shoulders!

  4. Awesome! That goes for your strength and balance. Not too mention how easy you made it seem while smiling and having fun. For sure I would have destroyed the wall and probably injured myself due to lack of balance:) Did I forget to mention…love that smile. UROCK Lynn.

    1. Matt, I’m a goof. I always have a good time when there’s a challenge in front of me. I’m going to keep doing those wall push ups for a while and see what happens. I’m shooting for sets of 25 in the future. Happy Wednesday! P.S. You could definitely do bunches without injury! Lol

      1. Lynn, I’m a goof too. In my opinion it’s fun not to take ourselves so seriously. Your videos are awesome as you are having fun while providing very good guidance in doing an exercise correctly. Gotta go and try at least one set of 10 Lynn wall pushups…LOL

  5. There is no way I could that (yet). However, I don’t think I am going to try it at home — after I watched your video I realized I would have to paint the wall every time!

    1. Those wall push ups are kinda fun. I’m going to see if I can get up to sets of 25. I figure it can’t hurt in my quest for nice shoulders and it’s a goal to work towards which always helps keep me inspired. If I do them at home, I’ll definitely take off my shoes and just wear socks. My wall will appreciate it!

  6. That’s probably more that what I can do! Awesome! Thanks for sharing…

    1. Al, I bet you could do lots. I’m going to keep them in the rotation for a while and see if I can get up to sets of 25. It would be nice if they helped develop my shoulders…I’m hoping! Happy Wednesday to you!

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