The Mind Is The Master

A fit capable body, a pleasing physique tells the story of a strong mind.  It’s your mind that sets the expectation, that won’t accept half-efforts, that tells you to keep going when you want to quit.  Your body simply follows along.  Your body is a dedicated servant to your mind.

mind*The day I took this photo my mind told me that it was silly to be outside in a bikini while it was snowing*


8 responses

  1. Oh my beautiful Spider Monkey! You know that I adore EVERY picture of you, but I will still tell you that this one is beautiful too! Sorry I haven’t been around, Army has me pretty busy lately, but you are always in my thoughts! Be well my beautiful Spider Monkey, I will talk to you soon!

    1. Hi Jaylicious! I do hope they’re not working you too hard. My days are going well. I’m fiddling around with my workouts and so far it’s going well…we’ll see what happens over the long run. This is a good time to experiment…BEFORE bathing suit season. Happy Tuesday over there. P.S. You know it makes me ridiculously happy when you stop by!

  2. My mind say that You look Beutiful ! Great picture😃

    1. Sunbem! Thank you so much. It’s a little cold here today but I bundled up and got a good workout in this morning. Hope your Monday is sunshiny and beautiful…

  3. In the snow!? Ur a warrior girl, keep it up!

    1. A crazy warrior…lol! I really wanted a photo in the snow so I wrapped up in a GIANT long robe and ran out there for a few minutes. It was actually fun!

  4. Looking good..I have my latest progress pic on BB. It’s my Bday today as well.

    1. OOhhhh….happy belated (but not too late) birthday. I hope you had a good time on the actual day and I’m sending you wishes for all good things in the days to come. I’ll make sure to come by your spot on I want to see what you’ve been up to!

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