Happy Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day and I have ever since I can remember.  It never mattered if I had a romantic interest or not.  I just enjoy this pretty, pink, sparkly day.  I like thinking about the people I love, the people who’ve been in my life for a long time and the people who’ve simply passed through but left a lingering trail of kindness and sweet thoughts behind.  Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the bonds that weave us together, that serve as a protective barrier against the harshness that life can bring and that provide a gossamer-soft safety net that catches us when we fly too high, or miss our mark, or make mistakes?

Valentine's DayWishing you all the love your heart can hold…this day and every day…


6 responses

  1. Oh my beautiful spider monkey! I adore you everyday, but today I would like to wish you a most awesome day! I would like to leave you with this (just a crude piece)…

    I know who you are,
    You are my friend,
    You are the beautiful woman,
    I have met you during my life’s journey,
    The one I think about often,
    For you are special
    And I feel blessed to call you my friend.

    There are so many things I like about you,
    I love the way you smile,
    Because I it makes me smile, too,
    For you are a great person,
    And no one can ever be like you, my friend.
    Whenever you smile, you light up
    The world around you,
    And your smile is,
    After all, Quite contagious.

    Yet, my friend,
    You are a beautiful woman,
    And there is no reason to be modest,
    For you are a great person,
    You are special to me,
    And you will always be special.
    I care about you, and I always will.

    1. That’s IT!! This just made my day…week….month. I’m taking this, and writing it down so I can have it with me all the time. Things I really love, that are special to me I like to have on paper. It’s silly but it feels more permanent than things in digital form. I just had to buy a couple of powerful books that I read on my Nook. I wanted to feel them, see them, have them sitting on my shelf! Lol…crazy monkey…. As you know, I think you’re a wonderful person and it’s a deep pleasure to have you in my life…

  2. Happy Valentines Day Lynn..hugs.. Beautiful pic..You will a lot of Valentines looking so radiant.. So I don’t think you will have a problem of being a good catch…They are blind if they do not recognize you.. Blindddd…lol

    1. Hi Artie! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Can’t believe the weekend is here already (well it will be in a minute). Seems this week went so FAST!!

  3. Such a beautiful statement from a very special and beautiful person. I wish you the same and I am truly grateful our everlasting friendship. UROCK Lynn…..

    1. Here we are on a Friday!! I’m doing my pull ups today in sets of 10…4 close, neutral grip, 4 wide neutral grip, 2 wide overhand grip. I’ll see how many I can do before the end of the day (I have lots of rest in between sets). lol…happy day and happy weekend wonderful Matt!

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