No Finish Line

Abs and shoulders....working on making them pop.

Abs and shoulders….working on making them pop.

When it comes to creating a pleasing physique there is no final destination just more markers on the road to reach.  It’s ALWAYS a work in progress.  That’s a philosophy I try to pass on to friends who ask me what to do to get in shape.  Upon first blush they think they’ll “do something” to get where they want to be and then stop and go back to normal.  That’s not how it works.  It’s an ongoing process without an end.  That idea is often met with great resistance and disappointment.  That’s not what people want to hear but it’s the truth.  I say, it’s a blessing in disguise. Using your body in a physical way and making consistent efforts to stay strong feeds your sense of capability and builds a positive sense of esteem/worth.  It becomes a pleasure when you accept the fact that it ‘s a way of being not simply something you do for a  short time before lapsing back into old ways.  Lifelong fitness represents a true change of heart and mind.  As I always say WHERE THE MIND GOES THE BODY WILL FOLLOW.


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  1. “Where the mind goes, the body will follow”…classic and all truth! TY!

    1. Can I get a witness?!? Lol…been enjoying your posts by the way!

  2. Wow! You look awesome! I am trying to build out my shoulders right now. I’m working hard and TRYING to be patient. Your words are truly beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Well hello! Delighted you stopped by. I SO appreciate your kind words. I’m a happy gym rat and always working on something or another…We’re both on a mission to get those shoulders looking fantastic. Happy Monday and happy training in the week ahead!

  3. Oh my beautiful Spider Monkey! Been writing some more, maybe I will share. Anyway, I just love your shoulders! Starting my own cutting journey on Monday…figured 40+ years is enough of a bulking phase! Be well my beautiful Spider Monkey!

    1. Ooohhh…love that you’ve been writing. I love when I’m feeling creative and the words just pour forth. It’s a great feeling…plus when I can write my thoughts down on paper I don’t have to get it out by talking non-stop. Lol…poor family needs earplugs…protection from a chattering monkey! Would love to read anything you pen if you want to share. Oh, you made me laugh…40 years of bulking. So funny! Have a wonderful weekend over there!

  4. Wowzzers!!!! You look amazing, congrats.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been putting emphasis on big, compound movements in the effort to get some muscle to stick…also I was eating big but I’ve had to curtail that part a little. I was looking a bit too fluffy. I’m going to keep on this heavy lifting rotation for the next 5 weeks and then re-assess. Happy Friday to you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

      1. I am fluffy right now and out of my comfort zone. In 2 weeks, the de-fluff starts. I am 10 lbs shy of what I feel comfortable at. But I love having ABS. I was curious if you did bulk. Some women do and women don’t I have to to make the muscle stick. It’s just a process that I learn to wrap my head around. ;0) Have a wonder weekend.

      2. I bulk unintentionally sometimes. Lol….My intention is to keep my physique relatively stable through the year. I usually only fluctuate by a couple of pounds. Still, the same 110lbs can look fluffy or cut depending on what I’m doing. I definitely don’t do the traditional type of bulk but starting in early November I always end up consuming more calories than I do normally. That lasts until ummmmm…..last week…when I determined that I wasn’t entirely pleased with the way I was looking in the mirror. For me that’s my regular rotation. I figure the holiday season is when you’re most likely to have extra calories going in so I don’t fight it until later. Then I clamp down with the amount of calories I consume and I’ll up my cardio to get myself tighter. I’ll stay that way until the next November rolls around and the cycle starts again. Happy weekend to you too!!

  5. Just Stunning! I love it!

    1. Hello, hello!! So delighted that you stopped by…and thank you very much for the compliment. I’ve been working on getting a little extra muscle on my shoulders. They were looking a bit bird-like there so I’ve been going heavy and hard on the presses. Hope you’re doing well and that your workouts are going well too! Happy Friday and happy weekend!

  6. Luv all your hard work Super Beautiful Lynn! 🙂

    1. Well thank you Vinny! I have been putting in maximum effort….this week! Lol…just started a new heavy duty rotation so I’ve been working hard after a period of coasting. Every part of me is sore today! Happy weekend to you!

  7. Going commando. Very nice. As for the piece, yuppers, life isn’t about the destination, but the journey.

    1. Yes…the journey…and it’s never really over. Folks like us…we just keep on ticking! Happy weekend over there!

  8. Wow.. Nice abs Lynn as well as shoulders..touching the screen on iPhone to see if they are real lol.. Yes the abs are real lol ..very nice job and sexy abs in a respectful manner..fanning myself. Is it hot in here lol

    1. Artie!! Happy Friday…you made me laugh! Doing my best to keep the muscle while getting a little more cut. We shall see….

  9. So true–I have been lifting/strength training for the last few years and kept searching for an endpoint, but realize now I’m just treading water—we get outselves to a certain point and we need to stay there, and that requires as much effort in the long run as it did on day 1, actually more because we have to constantly think about how to keep ourselves motivated and mix up the routine. It’s lifelong….

    1. You’re right. I’ve been at this a long time…21 years and I like to add new things just to shake it up and keep it interesting. To that end I’ve taken kickboxing, zumba, step aerobics, boot camp classes, tried high altitude hiking and all manner of other things just to keep it going. It’s a lifestyle in the truest sense of the word! Glad you stopped by!

  10. Outstanding blog. I totally agree. UR rockin that beautiful hardbody! Time for me to hit the gym and follow up with some “warm” milk 🙂

    1. Hiya Matt!! Happy Friday to you. Hope you had an excellent time in the gym this morning. It’s been a good week for me and I have a couple of things I’m going to do over the weekend (push ups and some calf/abs work). Enjoy your weekend!

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