Marine Corps Retro Style

3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Scout Sniper....Oh Yeah!

3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Scout Sniper….Oh Yeah!


13 responses

  1. Beautiful as always

    1. Thank you much! I’m having a great time following your blog. It’s a wonderful place to visit!

      1. Awe thanks! I love yours!

  2. Oh my beautiful Spider Monkey…those arms, those legs, those shoulders, those, er, wait…those shoes are HOT! I see I am going to have to send you some Army stuff, you realize all that Marine gear can give you a rash…

    1. A rash? Uh oh! I better be careful. Ah ha…you noticed the shoes as always! I sure hope you’re doing well. I know you’re working hard but I hope you get to hit the beach…look at that pretty water now and then!

  3. Semper Fi!

    1. Hi Al! I’m deep into my second week of heavy lifting and it feels great…well, it feels SORE but I’m pushing hard and know I’m making progress. I like these heavy lifting rotations. The funny thing is when I switch to lower weight and higher reps I THINK it’ll be easy but my goodness…the burn you get when you lift that way!

  4. BSC indeed! Beautiful, Sexy and Classy with a heart-melting smile. UROCK Lynn!

    1. Hi Matt and happy Wednesday! Thank you, thank you! How’s your lifting going? I’m all excited to see how you’re doing (and if you don’t want to show me you can always tell me). Sending you wishes for a nice end to the week…

  5. Mother of Mercy you are beautiful Dr. Lynn

    1. Adom, thank you! You know the military tribute pics are near and dear to my heart. I always feel a little shy to put them up since I’m not exactly a photographer OR a model. Lol….so far they let me get away with it!

  6. Looking gorgeous and sexy as can make any shirt look good lol..but most of all you have a nice and sexy is the first thing I see every time..don’t get me wrong your nice physique is due credit and does not go unnoticed lol.. But that smile is a sniper.. A killer lol

    1. Hi Artie! Hope your week is going well. You’re always so sweet when you stop by to see me. I’m going hard this week and it feels good. A couple more days and then Saturday will be a rest day.

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