I Love Pull Ups!

I love pull ups for a variety of reasons but I particularly like they way they help your back muscles develop so you end up with a nice V-taper.  A V-taper describes the look when your torso forms the shape of the letter “V”  meaning you have broad shoulders and lats that taper down to a narrow waist.  It makes for a pleasing physique.

Pull ups help achieve a nice V-taper

Pull ups help achieve a nice V-taper

I do pull ups in the gym but I do them at home too using a pull up bar that is attached to the top of my guest room door.  I play games with myself that encourage me to complete a certain number of pull ups in a particular amount of time or to see how many I can do over the course of a day.  Sometimes I make a rule that I have to stop and do 10 if I walk down the hallway (which I end up doing MANY times in a day) I try varied grips to hit all the big muscle groups in the back a little differently.  My little games are designed to amuse me and serve to get me to complete more pull ups than I might otherwise.  They are tricks to help me reach and maintain the goal of keeping my physique in good form.  No matter how you get yourself to do them, make sure you include pull ups in your exercise program.  The results are worth it!


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  1. Good timing with the post. I started to do 3 sets of 3 different grips and will start to include extra heavy negatives to “grease the grove” so to speak 2-3 times a week The Mrs. is doing inverted chins to build up her strength. So far so good.

    1. Yay for greasing the groove! I DO love pull ups of all varieties!

  2. You love pull ups and I love that little spider monkey back! Peeling clothes off…that happens EVERY day here! Are you jealous yet?

    1. Yes! Yes! I’m totally jealous….and now I’m going to have to come over there and talk to you about teasing me. Meet me at 11:30am on the beach so we can discuss proper monkey treatment. And bring suntan oil…and food. Lol….Now that’s a nice thought. It’s still a bit dreary and cold here but I can feel the Spring coming way off in the distance. A little sun and sand would be great right about now!

      1. Heeeellllooooo….

        Um, I was at the beach, had some suntan lotion, a basket with some of the most amazing fresh Hawaiian fruit, coconut water, some fresh veggies and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I kept asking people if they have seen the most amazing spider monkey around…

      2. Darn it! I meant today. I was there but since I couldn’t find you there was nothing to eat but sand. Waaaaah…..Well, at least I didn’t overeat!

  3. Its the Vtape that we love when we go shopping…and for summer! Nice work 🙂

    1. Yes…and I’m SO ready for a little warm weather. It’s going to feel good to peel off all the layers and enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Of course good pull-ups give you that wide back and help in that hour glass shape. The wider the back the narrower the wais looks.

    1. Oh yes….and I do love that illusion. I don’t really have much in the way of hips so the wider shoulders create a little shape so I don’t look like a pencil!

  5. You and you’re son are adorable! I do pull ups but with the assisted machine. I only put about 10 lbs on… But my form is crap without it.

    1. Thank you…he was a diligent cameraman. When he saw the clip he took he was upset that he said I did five on the one set and not four. He asked me to correct it…thought the readers would think he couldn’t count. Lol.

  6. You perform your pullups with perfection and ease “LatWoman”. Love the video. Keep rockin it:P

    1. LatWoman! I like it and I like those pull ups too. Actually I like any and every exercise that involves my back…pushing or pulling. Wish I could fall in love with leg training like that. Happy weekend Matt! Hope you’re having an excellent Friday!

      1. My back is my easiest bodypart to train and because of that I make every effort to focus on my legs to keep a very symmetrical look. Nothing is worse than a UBO (upper body only). Happy Weekend Lynn!

  7. You gotta have those pull-ups! ;0)

    1. Oh YEAH! Pull ups are such a great all around exercise. I like trying new ways to motivate myself to do them. Recently, I was watching a TV show and anytime a commercial came on I had to go do 20 (not in a row, just total). By the end of the show I was toast! SO many commercials….

  8. Good point.. I love pull ups too..it also gives you that nice spine line too..your back looks awesome and cut..oooo la la..(kissing my fingers like a chef) perfectoooo..lol..Lynn your physique is so gorgeous my friend.

    1. A chef! I like that image…made me laugh. I do love my pull ups. It does lots of good things at once…kind of like squats only far less painful! Happy weekend!

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