If Your Workouts Aren’t Fun, You Aren’t Doing It Right!

Your body is made to move.  If your workouts aren’t fun, then for goodness sake don’t quit.  Do something different. Not every form of exercise is for every person.  I, for one, have little interest in cycling but my neighbor across the street loves it.  He’s always out and about on his bike.  I don’t like playing basketball but there are lots of folks at my gym who go there just for the pick up games.  I’m a disaster with any kind of rhythmic  dance  but the Zumba classes are full to the brim with ladies (and a couple of gentlemen) who take tickets and stand in line to get in and shake it.

Look at the fit girl doing Zumba!  She looks great, right?  I didn't look like that when I tried Zumba class.

Look at the fit girl doing Zumba! She looks great, right? I didn’t look like that when I tried Zumba class. 

Another great looking Zumba dancer.  I didn't look like this either!

Another great looking Zumba dancer. I didn’t look like this either!

Uhhhh....yeah.  This is pretty much what I looked like. Think I'll stick to the weights!

Uhhhh….yeah. This is pretty much what I looked like. Think I’ll stick to the weights!

Stop forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy.  That never works out in the end.  If you don’t like lifting weights then don’t. There are PLENTY of choices for exercise out there.  Pick one, two or three and keep moving!



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  1. Triple Drop Training | Reply

    Love the guy dancing, he reminds me of Bez from the Happy Mondays. Me and my pals used to talk about staying in the same old-folks home together so that it would feel ‘forever 1992’. Looks like this guy is one step ahead of me

    1. Oh! I like the idea of being in an old folks home with some of my friends. The inmates would be running the asylum…and we’d have a good time doing it! Excellent idea!

  2. Dance lessons are a definite for that guy, but hey he probably burned 1200 calories doiing it lol

    1. I’ll bet you’re right…he looks like he’s having a good time too. When I did the Zumba class it all started off just fine, then that little woman instructor went wild and I have NO idea how she did that stuff with her hips. Ha….

  3. I can’t Zumba…might slip a disc or break a hip. The problem is my knees can not keep up with my minds desire to dance! I used to be quite impressive in the club! I have fun at every workout! Okay, not every one…I really don’t like cardio.

    1. I don’t really like cardio either. I’ll bet you DID have fun being “up in the club.” I’d be “up in the club” but they need to get it going at 3:00pm and have it over at 8:00pm so I can hit my bedtime!

      1. Okay, can I confess something you never knew about me…I used to travel around with a group of guys and, er, shall we say, entertain the ladies…

      2. WHAT?? Jaylicious is your REAL name? That’s IT! When I come to meet you on the beach I’m going to require a demonstration. Not that I want to see or anything but I have to make sure you were doing it right.

  4. That picture of the dude dancing is priceless! LOL

    1. That made me laugh too but the sad thing is, I think I might have looked like that in Zumba class. I do know I was always going left when everyone else was going right! Glad you stopped in!

      1. LOL! Well, no one will talk about you 1,000 years from now. Just have fun!

    1. Thanks! Hope you’re having great workouts these days!

  5. For Christ sake bring back dodge ball.

    1. Ohhhhh! Dodge ball used to be so fun!! It’s banned in the schools where my son’s go but they play at camp and love the game! Remember Red Rover? That was fun…banned now too. Snowball throwing is also banned…geez….It’s actually against the rules to touch the snow at the elementary school.

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  7. Love this list, going to group fitness classes has made working out very fun for me!

    1. So glad you found something you like! It makes all the difference. I used to kickbox at my old gym. The instructor was very nice and encouraging and I just loved that class!

  8. Excellent! But we are missing your picture having fun!

    1. Aw…I put some new, pretty girls up there for you. I’m sure there are readers who are SO tired of my photos! Lol…giving them a little break! Happy Tuesday Al!!

  9. I think just turning the music on and jumping like you don’t know anything is also great …when you’re having fun your cells are happy too .

    1. You’re right! Sometimes when I’m bored cleaning the house, I grab my Ipod and dance and clean like crazy. It’ makes you feel SO good! So glad you stopped by!

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