Gifts Taken For Granted

Last Tuesday morning I was at the gym doing a leg workout.  I was concentrating hard and moving fairly swiftly.  My father was going to be having surgery because he’d fallen the previous day and broken his hip.  I wanted to have time to talk to him before he went under.

I was just getting started on some light squats when I saw a young man that I’d seen before but never spoken to.  He was wearing a Suicide Charley shirt.  Suicide Charley is a nickname for “C” Company First Battalion Seventh Marines.  They have a long and esteemed history, a little bit of which I’ve read.


I decided to introduce myself and we had a nice, brief conversation.  Like my dad, he’d just celebrated a birthday on the 3rd.  My dad had turned 90. He’d turned 25.  Later he showed me a photo on his phone.  It was of a friend that he’d served with.  He had already been out of the military for a few months by the time his friend lost his legs.  I didn’t ask but I remembered that the 1/7 had been in Sangin, Afghanistan in 2012 and I knew they’d had a rough go of it so I surmised that maybe that was where his friend was injured.  In the photograph his friend appeared to be learning how to walk with his prostheses.  As I waited for my dad to a come out of surgery I thought about him trying to heal and regain mobility at 90 and the Marine in the picture trying to heal and regain mobility in his 20’s.  I thought about how life is sweet and bitter and about beauty wrapped in thorns.


I sat there for a long while in that plastic chair contemplating how so many take their mobility for granted, about the legions who don’t even bother to do a minimum amount to help their keep their bodies working properly and I thought about my dad and the Marine who would probably tell you it’s a far more precious gift than you could ever imagine….


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  1. Triple Drop Training | Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. Hope your Dad makes a full and rapid recovery

    1. Thank you so much. It appears that a recovery for my dad is not to be but he lived a long and very productive/happy life and he seems to be comfortable now. Sending you wishes for a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  2. esteban yoyome | Reply

    well said and so true doc

    1. Hello! Happy Monday…Hope all is well and that your week has begun on a nice note!

  3. Thats how you touch someones soul…TY! and I hope your Dad recovers well 🙂

    1. Well hello! So glad you stopped by. Thank you for the nice note. My dad seems to be doing better. It was touch and go there for a minute but he’s recognizing people again so that’s a positive development. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Thanks for this post … we ALL need reminders of things that are easy to take for granted.

    1. Hi Anna! Happy Monday to you. Glad you enjoyed the post and delighted that you stopped by!

  5. You are treaching..a word I made up for preaching and teaching lol

    1. Hi Artie! Hope you’re having a good morning. Can’t believe how quickly the weekend went!

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