New Challenges…Make Them Up Yourself!

A couple weeks ago I started a new “Kick My Own Patootie” six-week plan. My goal is to put on a little muscle (or at least maintain what I have) while leaning out a bit at the same time and getting stronger.  I had been been coasting for a while with my workouts which is fine in the overall scheme of things.  I cycle like that…high intensity workouts for several weeks 6-8) then a week or three of less intense workouts.   As usual, I’m using myself as a lab experiment, trying to challenge my body in new and different ways.

Warning...experiment underway

Warning…experiment underway

Over the weekend I did something I’d never done before.  I dug out a backpack, put one of my 20lb dumbbells in it and headed down to the track.   Since this is my first time walking/running with weight, I took it easy and alternated fast walking a quarter-mile, then running (well more like shuffling) a quarter-mile.  I just did two miles total…4 sets of each.  I could have done more but I’ve learned when asking my body to do something  unfamiliar it’s best to give it a little taste then start demanding more as I go along.

Just finished my 2 miles with a 20lb dumbbell in my pack...still smiling.  The experiment was a success...

Just finished my 2 miles with a 20lb dumbbell in my pack…still smiling. The experiment was a success…

Adding new things to your rotation helps keep boredom at bay but it also serves to challenge your body in different ways.  In this case variety really is the spice of life.  It keeps you engaged mentally (you can’t just go through the motions, you have to think and be methodical because it’s unfamiliar), it stresses muscles in different ways which leads to better results and it gives joints a break from repetitive use.

You don’t have to find a series of exercises someone else created.  You don’t need a magazine or internet article. You can make up your own challenges.  You know when you’re working hard and when you’re not.   Creating new elements to add to your program keeps your head in the game and besides, nobody knows your body like you do!


11 responses

  1. You should bring your beautiful self and 20 pound backpack here…we have some of the most amazing hikes here!

    1. Oh I wish, I wish, I wish….would be wonderful. I do love Hawaii but haven’t been there in about 100 years. Happy weekend Jaylicious!

  2. Creativity is the Mother of all “Muscle” Retention 🙂 nice work G.I. Jane!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I’m forever trying to expand the ways I employ to stay in good shape. It keeps me interested and I enjoy the new challenges!

  3. Good job…always enjoy your sexy smile

    1. Thank you Artie! It doesn’t seem like 20lbs would make a difference in how fast/efficiently I could get around that track but it did. It was a good experiment!

      1. I was walking last summer a couple days a week in the woods with my dog with 10, then 20, and ultimately 30 lbs a week in my backback, and I felt i was getting great benefits from it. I think I am going to add that back into my repitoire as well. Great post.

      2. Thank you Shane! It was really fun to try something new. I was surprised how big a difference that weight made in my workout. I’m going to keep doing it too. Hope you had an excellent week. Happy Friday!

      3. Congratulations, Doc! You have been nominated for The Liebster Award!! Swing over to my blog for details! 🙂

      4. Ohhhhh! How fantastic! I will certainly stop by a bit later today. Running out now but I’ll be back….thank you!

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