Nurture Your Body, Your Mind…And Your Freedom

Citizens lucky enough to live in the United States have duties attendant with that citizenship.  Our freedom was hard-won and must be guarded with great vigilance.  It’s given to you to nurture, protect and defend. If freedom is lost, it will be lost in incremental steps….baby steps.  It’s an idea illustrated by the cautionary tale of the frog in a pan.  If you put a frog in a hot pan of water, he’ll hop right out.  If you put a frog in a cool pan of water, then slowly heat it the poor thing will stay right there until the water is so hot it kills him.

woman with a flag

I greet this morning with a prayer of gratitude for what my forefathers have handed me.  It’s a precious opportunity,  a most splendid gift.



4 responses

  1. Very nic picture Lynn. Have a nice day 😀

  2. Beautiful and smart! That is why you are awesome!

    1. Why thank you Sir! I do sometimes go off topic but ya know it’s MY blog and I can do what I want…totally drunk with power!! Hope you’re having a good week ‘Licious….

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