A Better Body Instantly…The Five Second Secret!

There is no denying that along with all the health benefits that can’t be seen, people often gravitate to the gym in a quest to look better physically.  If you go on Bodybuilding. com and look at the section that allows people to state their goals at the gym, a surprising number of people list “look good naked.”  Makes sense to me.  Working for a body you feel comfortable in is an excellent reason to start and continue your training efforts.

One of the reasons I started going to the gym in the first place is because I didn't want to look like this anymore!

One of the reasons I started going to the gym in the first place is because I didn’t want to look like this anymore!

Most people think that in order to see any improvement they’re going to have to wait a significant amount of time, several weeks at least.  I’m here to debunk that.  I see people coming into the gym as newbies all the time.  Women, especially the younger ones tend to slink around looking for that one particular quick fix machine.  I’m sorry to say, that machine doesn’t exist but I do have a piece of advice that will do the trick quite admirably.  STAND UP STRAIGHT…..and smile.  Yes, men and women both have posture problems but it’s the younger ladies (the ones that most want the visible results from working out) that are the worst offenders.  The people I’m talking about typically stand with their pelvis pushed forward and their shoulders rounded to the point that their chests are  a bit concave.

Look at this!  Big difference, right?

Look at this! Big difference, right?

Your mother was right!  Posture is important. It’s important from a functional standpoint but also from an aesthetic standpoint.  See the difference in the way the woman on the left in the photo above looks and the way she looks on the right when she corrects her posture?  Stand up straight and Voila!  Instant slimming.  She hasn’t lost a single pound but her physique looks so much better.  She also happens to look healthier and more confident when she stands tall.

Some mindful attention and a little adjustment and you automatically look so much better.

Some mindful attention and a little adjustment and you automatically look so much better.

It doesn’t take much to look substantially more fit instantly.  I wish I could just tell people how easy it is when I see them slouching around the gym.  It’s an easy, painless fix.  It just takes self-awareness and intentionality.  Practice and it becomes habit.

As for the smile part….what did Mother Teresa say? “Everytime you smile at someone, it’s an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”  You always look better with a smile on your face…or at the very least a pleasant expression!



6 responses

  1. See, Doc, there you go meddling again. Leave me alone and let me continue to allow my knuckles to drag on the floor. :-p Thanks for the post. I’ll work on this ASAP!

    1. Ah…that made me laugh! Knuckles dragging the ground? I have a feeling you have great posture. You certainly look ramrod straight in your profile photo…and strong too!

    1. Oh thanks! So glad you stopped in. Hope you’re having great days over there!

  2. Triple Drop Training | Reply

    Great advice. My posture was shocking, I’m still working on it. My physio said that I stand like I’m going to pounce at any moment. She also said my strong chest had made my middle-back really weak.
    I once stood next to the ice skaters Torville & Dean, the first thing that struck me about him was his amazing posture. I’d never seen anything like it before

    1. I still remind myself to straighten up now and then, especially when I’m at the computer. I find myself hunched over like a little, old woman if I’m not careful.

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