Musings While On The Treadmill

Today I was very diligently doing my extra cardio while listening to songs on my pretty, pink iPod.  I think I was at about 1 hour, 10 minutes (out of a total of 1 hour, 20 minutes) and I looked out of the front window of the gym.  From the cardio area that I was in, I was able to see the many cars in the parking lot and across the way a bank.  The bank has a flagpole, from which a tattered, dirty American flag hangs limp at half mast. It’s been just like that, sadly hanging there since the Boston Marathon attacks.  Every day when I pull in the lot to do my workout I see this same sight.  It inspired me to write an open note to my friends/children/family a couple of days ago and then when I saw the flag, still lowered this morning, I decided to add it here.

To all of you in my circle,

I will die sooner or later and my hope is that when I look back on the life I lived here I can say I did a good job.  I want to be able to feel proud of my efforts and of my contribution while I was here.  There is no telling how or when I’ll be leaving but the recent terrorist bombings in Boston have made me reflect on my preferences if I should meet my maker in any kind of similar circumstance.

If I am killed, do NOT under any circumstance lower the flag for me.  I understand this to be a sign of respect, of mourning and I know why various politicians ordered the lowering of the flag for the people killed in the bomb attack but I find it unconscionable to think that a cowardly terrorist could cause the flag to be lowered on my behalf…..EVER!  If anything, weld an extra segment onto the pole so it flies higher than before.

Image 6

If you need to cry, please do so in your bedroom closet.  Your tears are an honest expression and there is a place for them.  It’s not where those who wish us harm can see.  Stand tall and dry-eyed in public.

Do not observe a public moment of silence anywhere, anytime.  Talk louder, talk more.  Talk about freedom, talk about America, talk about our founding principles, talk about human dignity, love, sacrifice and appreciation.

Don’t concern yourself with my funeral.  Politicians are to make no appearances.  Have a party somewhere.  Celebrate life and the opportunities you have to improve and help others while you’re here.

Don’t wring your hands and ask “Why?” over and over.  Evil exists on this Earth.  Some people commit acts against the innocent precisely to fill their “enemies” with fear, to paralyze them, to make them weak, nervous and upset….to grind them down psychologically. They do it because they feel commanded by their faith to dominate and eradicate those who have a different orientation.  They do it to demoralize.  Don’t ask why, know why.  Inform yourself.  Pull up your socks, wipe your nose, take a deep breath and move forward.  Instead of asking why, say “NO!”  Do not allow them to win the battle for your spirit.

I assure you I’m fine, maybe sorry I had to go while there was still so much to be done but perfectly fine.    Perhaps we will run into each other on the flip side.  Until then, be encouraged, hold your head up and stay strong!

Image 8


8 responses

  1. So I read your blog and when I got down to the bottom of the article, I saw you, my beautiful little spider monkey wrapped in a American flag and totally forgot what you were talking about! Haha, just kidding! You have beautiful words and I look forward to reading your blogs. I think Hawaii is calling you…listen closely, can you hear it?

    1. Oh you made me laugh! Happy Wednesday! I just got back a while ago from a field trip with a group of third graders. My group was all boys of course. They were cute as heck and I actually learned a couple new facts. Hawaii IS calling me. I don’t even have to listen closely. I’m SO ready for some warm weather and a trip to the beach.

  2. That was a beautiful piece you wrote, and you are wearing that flag very nice in that gorgeous photo…all I can say is “heyyyyyyyyaaaay…uhh” (in my James Brown voice)…lol

    1. Hiya! I like your James Brown voice! Hope things are great your way. I had a nice busy day chaperoning a group of little boys. They were cute…and busy…very, very busy.

  3. Outstanding blog! Beautiful simply beautiful pics of a very special friend. UROCK Lynn.

    1. Hi Matt! Happy Wednesday to you. I spent my day with a group of third grade boys at a conservation center. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Somehow I always end up with the little wild ones never the soft spoken little girls. I actually learned a fact or two and I really did have a great time. Hope your day was nice too!

  4. Couldn’t agree more!

    1. Pat!! Hello wonderful Pat! So glad you stopped by…and left me a little note. Hope you’re doing well these days. I do believe the warmer weather is on it’s way. I can’t wait for a little hot sunshine!

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