Progress Report

I’ve been giving cardio a little more attention lately since my current goal is to get more cut  for the warmer weather (and fewer clothes) ahead.  I started the process a while ago but then had a little glitch and wasn’t able to concentrate on my workouts.  I was still going to the gym but my schedule wasn’t predictable and in light of what was going on in my life I switched to maintenance and just did what I could when I could.  Thankfully, things have settled down nicely and I picked up my plan to get good and lean.  This is always a balancing act for me since my body prefers skinny over anything else but I want to maintain as much muscle mass as possible AND get those lovely little striations to show.  To this end I have increased my cardio to hour-long sessions 3 times a week with at least one more short one (30 minutes) tacked on somewhere once a week.  I don’t do high intensity cardio sessions, I just do what I call “low and slow.”  I  get my heart rate up but do it at a steady pace over the hour.  These aren’t those crazy sessions that leave you gasping, hunched over (or on your knees) feeling sick. I do it this way since I’ve found over the years that if I’m more intense I’ll lose weight alright but mostly by chewing up my hard-earned muscle.  It’s actually pleasant, listening to my music, thinking about things, sometimes zoning out for a while.

This is a current photo expertly taken in my bathroom mirror yesterday.  I'm a bit more lean than I was in my last progress photo.

This is a current photo expertly taken in my bathroom mirror yesterday. I’m a bit more lean than I was in my last progress photo.

I’ll probably keep up my current routine for a while but add some heavier lifting in a week or so.  The concentration on lower reps with more weight will help keep me from dropping too much muscle during this process.  The human body is incredibly efficient.  It likes to use muscle as fuel but if you’re demanding use of the muscle at the same time you’re increasing your cardio activities, it will tend to hold onto the muscle since it’s being fully utilized.  Instead it will use more of the fat stores for fuel.  That way I get more of what I want…some pretty muscle and less fluff at the same time.

On another note, the area where I do cardio affords me a view of a bank across the parking lot.  Up until yesterday every time I stepped on the elliptical machine I could see the flag at the bank flying at half mast.  As I wrote about in my last post, it’s been that way since the Boston bombings and it drives me crazy.  I decided that  instead of being bothered I should just go over there and see what the problem was and that’s what I did.  Right after I finished my cardio, I hopped off the machine and crossed the parking lot.  I went into the bank and asked to speak to the manager.  She was busy so I had to wait a minute which gave me a chance to look around.  The bank was modern and tidy inside, with two female tellers at the front.  There was only one other customer besides me and he was a young guy wearing long jean shorts (they were practically capris) and a white undershirt with a “Mom” tattoo on his arm.

The manager came out of the back in a few minutes and I told her I was “concerned about her flag.”  I wanted to know why it was at half mast.  She said she had been on vacation for a week and had totally forgotten about it .  I didn’t point out that it was supposed to be back to the top of the pole by April 20th which was a full 11 days before.  She said she’d put it up so I suggested since it wasn’t busy we do it immediately, which we did.

Yay...the flag is back up!  Now I don't have to look at that sad sight out of the gym window each morning.

Yay…the flag is back up! Now I don’t have to look at that sad sight of the flag at half mast out of the gym window each morning.

Wishing you a very happy May and lots of great workouts in the days ahead!


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  1. Hi ! I found this post inspiring and I really love your blog. You have such a great workout ethic that I wish I had!

    I have nominated you as one of my top 15 bloggers for the Best Moment Award! You can go to for more instructions. Thanks for your great posts and I hope you have a beautiful day 

    1. Well thank you…what a lovely compliment. I’ll head over and see the instructions! Wishing you a wonderful day!

      1. You are so welcome! 🙂

  2. Ewwwww…cardio, my arch nemesis! Alas, I pull up my big boy pants and do want it is that I must. I wish I was lean like you! Hell, for that matter, I wish I could work out with you everyday, that would be amazing I think! Lynn, my beautiful spider monkey, I adore you and gain a lot of inspiration from you! God Bless you and yours!

    1. I know, Jaylicious. I’m not usually a fan of cardio either. For some reason it’s going ok right now…probably because I have a lot on my mind and the cardio time has also been thinking time. I’m very busy in my own head! Lol…crazy monkey. I adore you back!

  3. Lynn,

    I really like this one. I’ve found that most people hate cardio because they get in their mind that they hate cardio, or they don’t vary it which makes it boring. But, here we go:

    1) Do you find that you’re low intensity cardio eats your muscle as well for that amount of time that you’re doing it? Do you do it fasted?
    2) If that’s not lean now, I want to see you the after “transformation”.
    3) I find that jogging outside is almost a form of meditation as well. There are women wearing next to nothing in your gym & you’re staring at a flagpole outside? C’mon man where’s the videos?

    1. Hi! You know my body responds well to the low and slow cardio I do. I think it helps me keep the muscle where I want it (on my body…lol). If you look at my latest blog post I put up another photo and that one shows what I’m working with a little better. I’m slowly getting those cuts and will keep the extra cardio and heavy lifting going for a while. Ah ha…videos? Are you trying to get me in trouble?!? I do wish you could see this woman I’m talking about. She’s naked!

  4. I can truly say that you always maintain an outstanding physique 24/7! I understand your desire to lean out but please don’t lose your lovely curves. So great seeing that heart melting smile and your patriotism is second to none. Keep rockin it DL 🙂

    1. Hi there Matt! Yes, I do have to be very careful not to end up looking like a pathetic little stick. I have to approach my leaning out very thoughtfully or else…skeleton!! Eek! You have a fantastic day and I’ll be sending you an email later!

  5. I feel you on getting more striations and lean..I am doing this first myself and then work on size…I have progress pics on look gorgeous as your pretty smile Lynn and those pretty teeth..a knockout you are my friend..can’t wait to see your progress, and miss you on BB

    1. Hi Artie! So nice to read your note. You always manage to say the sweetest things. As always, I’m working on this little body of mine. I’m always trying to tweak things to make it better. Hope you’re doing well. How are you liking your workouts lately?

  6. As always… You are amazing!

    1. doctorlynn excellent post. I’m interested in doing some promo work for a publication and expo with you. To discuss more, email me. Tks.

    2. Hi Al! What’s happening over there? As always…I’m a nut! Working hard in the gym and out but these are good days!

      1. doctorlynn I’m interested in doing some promo work for a publication and expo with you. To discuss more, email me. Tks. It’s very $$$ 🙂

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