A New Challenge (Or The Making Of A Man)

As you know if you read this blog often I love to change up my routine and take on new challenges in the gym.  Now that the weather is warming up I’ll be spending time much less bundled up.  It’s hard to hide figure flaws in tank tops and shorts or little, lightweight summer dresses. I’ve been working to make sure I’m lean but that I still retain my hard-won muscle mass…that way when I’m at the beach I won’t get sand kicked in my face by that big guy who picks on weaklings.

Remember this ad in the back of your comic books?  Yeah, I don't want to be that guy. Wait!  I'm not a guy so I guess I'm not in danger from this particular bully.  Nevertheless, it's good to be strong!

Remember this ad in the back of your comic books?

I don’t want to be that little, weak guy.  Wait!  I’m not a guy…nevertheless, It’s good to be strong!

I particularly want to make sure my abs are in great shape and that I have a strong core.  Then I’ll be sure to look my best when I strut around the beach or the pool with my top off.  Wait!   I’m not a guy.  I don’t do that…nevertheless, it’s good to have nice abs.

I found an advanced exercise that I’m going to be perfecting over the next weeks.   Dragon Flags are NOT for the faint of heart. I’m going to be working my way up to doing them in a step by step fashion.  They are very effective but require concentration on excellent form and practice.  I’m up for the challenge!  The following video shows the step by step progression to performing them in their most difficult form.

I have to admit I’m all excited to take on this new challenge.  I’m looking forward to tightening up my core, getting stronger and making those abs pop.  That way I can walk around the beach without being confronted by bullies, I can throw my shirt off at any time with confidence and  I can grab my sword and defend my Sea Monkey family from advancing enemies.

sea-monkeysWait!  I’m not  guy.  I don’t get into sword fights…or maybe I do.  You don’t know what I do with my free time!

Image 1


15 responses

  1. Summer time…beach…hardbodies…how much more do we need. Keep rockin!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the encouragement! I’m sure looking forward to the hot summer days. Can’t wait to hang out at the pool starting next week. Sun, water, it’s such a great time of year!

  2. Yes, I remember those advertisements in comic books from way back. I just don’t remeber that bottom one with the sword. I must not have been reading the right comic books!

    1. Hi! I had so many comic books as a kid. I just loved reading Archie, Little Lotta and Casper. That last photo is of the comic book character GymRat and she spends her time hanging out in the gym and being silly!

      1. nothing wrong with being silly 🙂

  3. So my little Spider Monkey wants to sword fight? I accept your challenge! You pick the time and place and I will be there! Now I just have to go find my sword…where does one get a sword from anyway? Just one more reason to adore you! Be good and I will talk to you soon.

    1. Hi Jaylicious! I only swordfight on January 32nd each year. All the rest of the days I just think about it! Do you know I ordered Sea Monkeys when I was little? I thought they would look like they did in the illustration in my comic book. I was a little disappointed but they were still interesting. I worked on those Dragon Flags yesterday and I’m feeling it today. OUCH!

      1. I ordered them too when I was little. They are actually shrimp. You will be owning those Dragon Flags in no time!

      2. Yes! That’s right! I discovered much later that they were actually brine shrimp. I had them to feed to something…can’t remember what. Maybe newts? Turtles? I’m not sure. I had lots of critters as pets when I was a kid but sadly nothing furry. Dogs and cats make me sneeze…

  4. I hope you post a video of you doing the dragon flags. They look like a killer workout.

    1. Hi! I tried to take a video yesterday and for some reason it was all distorted, like looking at a funhouse mirror. I did get a photo of my first attempts. Boy…those things are hard but I’m determined to master at least a few with good form. I’ll try a video again soon!

  5. Awesome! Great memories too…

    1. Who’s walking around topless?

      1. Not me! Lol…well at least not outside. Hope you’re doing well and that those workouts are going well!

    2. I used to LOVE comic books. I had SO many and I did order Sea Monkeys! I was so sad when they didn’t look like those little creatures in the ads.

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