Most of us focus on the body parts we can see in the mirror when determining how happy we are with our physiques.  Beginners fixate on building their chests, biceps and quads but sometimes forget their backs, hamstrings and glutes when they train.  That’s because we usually only see ourselves face on but other people see us coming AND going.  A nice rear view is important too.

The muscles affectionately known by bodybuilders as glutes are actually composed of three different muscles,  the gluteus medius, the gluteus minimus and the gluteus maximus.  These muscles help form your buttocks and give it its rounded appearance. Genetics plays a part in how rounded your glutes are to begin with, but a little concentrated effort can make even a relatively flat natural rise pop a little bit more.

Walking lunges and squats are excellent exercises for glutes and I’ve found that jumping squats are especially good for firming backsides too.  Make sure to incorporate them into your program.  Do them and you’ll look fantastic when you walk into your next summer party butt (get it? get it?) you’ll look great on your way out too.

Don't ignore your rear view!  Incorporating squats and lunges helps keep those glutes high and tight!

Don’t ignore your rear view! Incorporating squats and lunges helps keep those glutes nice and tight!


21 responses

  1. yeah…..glutes!! 🙂

    1. Glutes!! Happy Wednesday over there. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the week. My rotten gym is still too hot but hopefully it’ll get fixed soon!

  2. Work the foundation and everything else falls in line. Nothing like Leg Day! Keep rockin girl!

    1. That’s right! I’m not in love with leg day but there are times that I enjoy it and I tolerate it all the rest of the time. It must be done!!

  3. slanted enchanted | Reply

    How are you? Hope you’re fit as ever. Can you give me some feedback on what type of modeling you do. I would love for you to be a spokeswoman for a health and fitness event. You’ll be required to do various modeling shoots as well as video shoots. Let’s discuss more.

    1. I hope I’m fit as ever too! I sure work on it and actually it’s been a great time in the gym lately (except for the broken air conditioning). I’m not a model at all. I take my own photos with a little camera that has a timer!

  4. All of what Artie said plus an apparent endless wardrobe of traffic-stopping shoes and boots. Great Job Doctor Lynn

    1. Unfortunately I found a place that has VERY inexpensive shoes/boots. Now I can have all sorts to match my clothing. I’m going broke saving money! Lol

  5. You my dear have great glutes 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work

    1. Thank you for that sweet comment! I’ll keep on jumping around over here!

  6. I like to work on my jaw muscles…they almost look like a second set of ears! Yes, I am a bada$$! As usual Spider Monkey…I adore you!

    1. ..and I adore you back!

  7. Glutes! I need more of those! Great post:)

    1. Thank you! I love walking lunges and they do help in the cause. The jumping squats are a challenge but they are effective. Glad you stopped by to say hello!

      1. Perfect! I had walking lunges on my program today, so hopefully that will perk mine up a little;) Great tip with the jumping squats, I’ll have to add those in.

  8. I am a distance cyclist, so I have glutes of steel. When I am standing in line at the grocery store or in the mall I notice that the majority of guys who “work out” apparently have a habit of missing “leg day” because they huge biceps and chicken legs.

    1. Glutes of steel? Why did I just feel a shiver of pleasure?!? Lol…I do like a man with nice glutes. Leg day is a challenge so I think there are plenty of people who don’t give it much effort…and it shows!

  9. I totally agree with Artie.

  10. Nice glutes are keeping it tight as well as the beautiful smile.

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